A Six Feet Cobra in my Car

And it is a Skeptical Cobra

The colony where I stay in is more like a forest and snakes are quiet common. But who knew that it will be a Cobra.

On 28 September 2017, my mother called me, ” Gaurav, please go home as soon as possible, there is a cobra in our car. Only you have the keys to open the car.”

“What, it must be a mistake. Ask them the car number. I am in office and I have a lot of work. Please confirm and let me know”

I kept the call. My mother works in an Oil Company and we live in their company’s staff quarters.

“Gaurav, its our car. Please run home. The security saw a snake going towards our car and then became invisible.”

“Oakay Mom, I am sure it will be a garden snake as usual”

I kept the phone and took a direct auto-rickshaw.

I reached my colony and the snake catcher and a security guard was standing near my car. They told me to open the car. I opened the car. The snake catcher checked the car for about 10 minutes, each and every small corner. Then they made me open the hatch and then checked there  Then, finally they made me open the Bonnet and they were checking it for almost 30 minutes before giving up. But, just before closing the bonnet the snake catcher realized that there was a space behind the head lights. He peeped inside and after 2 minutes saw the snakes tail. After a while when he saw its head he confirmed it was a cobra.

It was a hours after which the snake came out of the car. Let’s see the video.

Catching the Snake

Putting the Snake in the Bottle

The snake was safe and was released in the Thane Sanctuary.



Don’t renew Office 365 from Microsoft

Amazon Gives a 14% Discount on Office 365 Renewal and Microsoft Doesn’t.

As usual when you go to the primary producer he will always give you the market price and may not give you a discount if you are buying a single product. This doesn’t only happen with the small retail and wholesale shops but also with companies like Microsoft.

One day my Office 365 Personal Expired and I needed to renew it. I clicked renew on the MS Word Renew Pop up and it redirected me to it’s Office 365 renewal page. It said pay INR 3629/- for Personal and INR 4619/- for Home. I was just about to hit the payment button with a compulsory Auto Renewal but I said ‘Wait! Let’ Check Amazon’.

screen shot office 365
Don’t buy this ever as you will end up paying INR 500/- ( USD 12/- approx) more. 
Look! I just saved 14% on the value. A Rs 510/- Discount is something only Amazon.in can give.

Guess what I found? A flat 14% discount on the product. But, I will receive it in the form of a product key so I will need to wait for a day. That’s Alright, there’s no Rush. I recommend that instead of doing an instant renewal one can just buy the product key on Amazon at a 14% discount and then enter the product key in the renewal section and just finally renew. It’s that simple. So Buy The Product Key  Just Right Now and you can use it any time in future or gift it to your friend who has just started his business.

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Why Religion is Irrelevant in Today’s Society?

Soldiers protect us. Science develops us. Languages connect us and Religion Divides us.

The Concept of God came into human society by the wrong doings of man. It was important that there was a fear of something so that man decides to stay good at all times and the society remains safe and merry. In ancient days there was lack of understanding and the colonies were too remote for people to keep a watch on each other. Many researches say that God was brought in order to bring control over people. You do good you reap good after death and if you do bad you will reap heat after death.

Have you ever had any proof of hell and heaven? Heaven was created so that people stay out of bad practices and were bribed to keep doing good so that you go to heaven (which never ever existed). People fear God to stay brave, so where’s the bravery. I have hardly seen people do good because they just like the good vibes of others blessings. Oh No! Not those blessings.

What is a Pope? A Religious Leader elected with Politics. Does the bible say that he’s the Leader?Long Before, Pope’s brought War in-order to Rule and Religious Laws which were very bad for the society and personal justice. Photo credit: National Library of Ireland on The Commons via Foter.com / No known copyright restrictions

Religion should ideally be different than the concept of God. It exists in the same way as a law is attached to religion; consider Sharia as an example. The God is same in Judaism, Islam and Christianity but the messengers are different yet there’s so much hate over religion. Religion is a way which people practice to get their life crafted. Like you should never speak lies, never hurt anyone, help people, have good thoughts, be good and speak nice to people and calm the anger and so on. But when you add God, what is added is fear of the religion which which makes people follow it out of fear but what goes missing in the process is the crafting of our behavior, thought and mentality. For example a friend of mine attended church every Sunday, he drank whisky everyday and spoke dirty bad words to people he hated. He attended church not because he wanted to bring religious practice but because he wanted to show that he was a nice man who attended church every Sunday or may be he feared god after a Sunday morning hangover.

Christianity, Islam and and Judaism have the concept of one god, their messengers are different but what makes these Almighty controlled religions is their religious laws which came from the culture it originated from. Islam says don’t drink or touch alcohol and the rest say drink wine. Islam says you can have multiple wives but in the rest you can have only one. In Hindu religion there is no concept of divorce (if you go according to the texts) and the marriage is not a contract by a union of 2 people of opposite sex, but Islam, Christianity, Judaism have the concept of divorce and consider marriage as a contract. There are religious differences because religious laws including the so called personal laws exist.

People still follow Sharia and consider it greater than the state law. People still follow Manusmruti and Purushsutra which created a divide among different castes in the hindu religion. People confess their crimes to the church’s father thinking that that corrects their wrong doing. Please stop following the religious laws and believing in fake Gods and messengers, practice the religion not its laws. Bring good in the society, not out of Fear but out of your own Good.

Remember! Soldiers protect us. Science develops us. Languages connect us and Religion Divides us. God Feared Religion is unhealthy to the society and hence Irrelevant.

(The above written article is my own view and no person should feel bad as I am not pointing any religion but writing about religion in general)

Photo credit: Foter.com


The Un-Official Breakup

Have you ever lost your love without a fight or misunderstanding because of a third person in your relationship? I am sure not because there has to be a reason, it may be selfish gains or long distance (known).

In 2006, mobile phones had just started getting the market and not all of us had them. Many had them and many not, it was an equal split of non-mobile users and mobile users, at least for teenagers at that time. Wondering why I am speaking about mobile phones? That’s because it’s also an important character apart from me and Priya (name changed because she may be married). I didn’t have a hand phone while Priya had it.

Priya was the most beautiful girl among all the girls in my tuition. I was 17 years old and I could not help see the diamond amongst all the coal in the mine. Priya was just the girl I wanted. She spoke English Fluently, was Studious, Intelligent, and most importantly she was Bold and Confident. I had a crush on her within the first one month of my tuition and that was because of her smile, speech and all the things apart from the beauty. I missed something, she was Naughty too; she would propose young guys like me wait for our blush and then say that she was just joking and wasn’t serious. So Naughty! I like Her!

There was a lot of competition as the hunt was the only beautiful female in a class with a majority of boys and all Virgin. Vivek (Name changed as he’s married too but not with Priya) was after Priya he had proposed her on a busy street with a rose. This happened in front of me and my heart slowed down then she said ‘yes’ and Vivek blushed and my heart stopped, and just before I was about to Die she laughed and said she was just joking and Friend Zoned him.

I managed to become her closest friend and I was successful. I never planned it. It just happened. We took walks on an empty street and talked stuff about the day just after tuition. While I knew I can say it I was worried that I would lose Priya’s trust or she might say yes and then make a fool of me. I had become a man without balls for that specific period of time.  But, I had to say it because it was February 2007 and tuitions was to end at the end of the month.

Till all this time I never had a mobile phone because my parents didn’t give me one. I never saved her contact number because I thought that’s too much, and that was the general norm of that time.

Tuition Ended..! And Priya handed me a note with her mobile number and drew a love sign. She didn’t speak later that day and I thought I could speak to her about my feelings the next day in the free time as we were all busy with studying for exams. I tried initiating a talk but she said, not today.

Next Day, I called Priya from my homes landline on her mobile number her dad picked up. I got scared and shut the call. Why did I call so early, it was 7 in the morning? Of course, her dad will pick up the phone. I shouldn’t have shut the call as her dad may have got a hint that I was hitting her. I called back in the afternoon, her dad picked up, I spoke and said I wanted to speak to Priya regarding some notes, he answered that I should speak to him and not her, I got scared and I shut the phone. I called that evening, the number was switched off and it never got switched on again after that day.

I didn’t know her house, nor her street. All I knew that she stayed in Nehru Nagar a big colony in Kurla East in Central Mumbai. After exams, I searched for her and gave up after a couple of days and left my relationship on Luck. One year passed without Priya. I was studying in Goa and her in Mumbai.  But then I came back for my summer holidays.

When I came back for my summer holidays and I happened to meet Priya on a Passenger Bus. When I met her her stop just arrived and she asked me my number. I didn’t have a mobile phone. She told me her new number and I didn’t have pen and paper. I kept repeating the number so that I don’t forget it. But when I reached home and dialed the number from the landline, I realized that number got changed when I kept repeating it.

I lost Priya the second time. 10 years have passed and there’s no sign of Priya.

Why I lost Priya? Because I didn’t have a cellphone.

Photo credit: mitchell haindfield via Foter.com / CC BY


An Encounter to Casteism

‘There’s nothing like caste, we are all the same. All people from the lower caste are economically forward now and they no-longer deserve  reservation. Remove it!” These are the words I normally hear from friends talking to each other and see on social media platforms like facebook and twitter daily. If you have noticed all the people discussing these so called serious issues are mostly from big metros like Mumbai and Kolkata.

Why I know what people think? I look like a higher class person (as reviewed by some of my friends) because of my Jewish ancestors. So, many people don’t suspect me to be from the so called backward community and vomit their harsh words in front of me. I am smart when it comes to knowing what people think and I never argue at front but I listen carefully. Out of many such cases there was a direct reference from a fellow colleague who said not only harsh words but referred the people of the backward class as ‘an inscect from the gutter which should be erradicated’, nope not the eradication of the caste system the eradication by killing he meant. Let me narrate it.

After I completed my bachelors and before I started working in hotels, I worked in a call centre in Powai, Mumbai for three months. I always wanted to experience the call centre after I read Chetan Bhagat’s comparitively not so famous book ‘One Night @ the Call Centre.’ For three months I was meeting new people at trainings and at work and the atmosphere felt very liberal and too modern for the conservative society to accept. To reach work my company used to pick me up from my house and leave me at the same place after I finished my hours of duty, the car was pooled and there used to be 2 to 4 of us including myself.

Amit (name changed because I dont remember. Sorry!) and me had the same shifts for almost 2 weeks and were at the verge of becoming best friends and we used to talk about the world and many things  in the 1 hour journey. Processes, college life, politics, Ideas, Education, Career and much more used to be our points of discussion. One day as we were passing a certain locality on the highway, I was shocked to hear these works from my friend. The conversation was as follows;

“Ye, locality dikh rahi hai. Yaha pe India ka kachra rehta hai,” said Amit pointing at the locality and with a face which explained he regards them low.

“Kachra rehta hai matlab?” I asked

“Matlab, saale SC..ST..OBC log. Ye India ka kachra hai. Jab tak ye log zinda hai tab tak iss desh ka kabhi bhala nahi ho sakta. Ye log gatar mai paida hue gatar jaisa baas chodenge aur India ko ganda karenge. Keede hai ye sab. Sab ko maardalna chahiye, ek danga inke saat ho aur hum log inko talwar ghused ghused ke maregne.”

I was so shocked that neither I could show my facial emotions nor could I speak. I was actually more terrified of his thoughts and people like him now.

He continued, “Mera ek dost hai, woh Jai Bhim hai aur usne ek musalman ke saath shaadi ki. Gatar ka toh tha hi woh, ab aur bhi ganda ho gaya hai. Kaise log he ye saab.  Saab ko goli mar ke uda dena chahiye is Golibar ilake me.”

I didn’t utter a word, I was confused whether he knew who I am or not. I was silent for most part of the trip and I only spoke when this conversation happened.

“Kya re Gaurav! Itna shaant kyu hai?” asked Amit.

“Bhai, tune marne maar dalne ki baat kar di. I am shocked.” I said.

“Bhai…tu tension mat le. Hum toh unse upar hai. Unki koi barabari nahi. Bhai, aaj gadi mai sirf tu aur mai tha isliye bola meri maan ki baat, nahi toh kaun kya hai kya pata,” said Amit.

At this point I became angry as I got to know that he spoke to me such harsh words about the backward class community thinking I am not one of them. I was angry about the thoughts of people because this incident was big for me but was one of many such caste discrimination episodes.

Now I spoke in a soft tone, “Terko pata hai Amit, maine BSc kiya hai, ab PG karunga, Call Centre toh time paas hai.” Amit was listening as I spoke further, “mere pitaji ek renowned Custom Officer hai jinko Award mila hai aur unhone bade bade cases solve kiye hai aur ek zamane me voh apni pure salary garibo mat baat dete the voh bhi shaadi hone ke baad. Mere dadajibhi Custom me the, unho ne promotion decline kiya kyuki samaj ko sudharna tha woh Acharya college ke founder member hai. Mere pardada woh Municipalty me the unho ne kayee morche kiye aur kayee gareebo ko zameen dilwaye.”

“Are tu intne bade khandaan se hai?” asked Amit.

“Haah, mera khandan bohut bada hai…Paise se, zubaan se aur dil se bhi. Tujh se bhi bada. Terko pata hai me kaun hu?” I asked.

“Kaun???” Amit asked.

“Mai woh ek Jai Bhim hu!” I exclaimed.

There was a totally different silence in the car. A somewhat disturbed but settled silence. This long silence of Amit was a proof that I had won the war of words and social respect. For me it was a win of my self respect and morals. This was the first instance I realised what people show versus how their thoughts are.

Amit must be a good guy but may be his family speak bad about the backward community and so it passed on. It will pass on again to his children as he will again speak the same in front of his children.

The above is not the only instance from which I am going to conclude my theory of people’s thinking on casteism but it is an important one to know as such people exist on a large scale. When a so called lower community excels and starts gaining positive economic change people think of ending reservation out of jealosy, but when they dont excel people compare them as a negative costant of the society and speak about them behind their back (and speak politely in front of them). Many of my Scheduled Caste friends (of Mumbai) say that casteism has ended, but only only I know how other people speak of them.

Just for knowledge, villages in Maharashtra are further divided into Marathwada and Maharwada. Maharwada is where Mahar’s live and people from the other divisions avoid drinking water from a Mahar’s house or stepping foot in their division.





Timely Hair Care

I am one of those unluckiest people who start losing their hair at a very young age, the cause being that it’s hereditary. Now, what can a person do when the hair fall is a male pattern hair-fall.

There are many therapies available guaranteeing you hair growth.I would say don’t believe in it completely. The first time I learned about this hair fall was when I was 21. That’s too early right and the doctor prescribed me some minoxidil solution and some medicines. Slowly I learned that the medicine was only preventing hair loss. Then I searched the internet and found that it’s a drug which slowly activates that hair growing cells and slows down scalp aging.  Moreover, I can’t stop it as to maintain that hair I will need to keep using it, so that becomes a lifetime affair. So, I stopped taking it further.

Now, someone told me to apply an ayurvedic oil, so I tried it and then slowly learned that I lose more hair when I apply oil. Then, I didn’t apply oil for a month and then there was rapid hair fall again, then I realized that there was a lack of nourishment and again I applied oil once and the hair fall stopped (and dandruff too.) With this, I didn’t know what to do further and applied oil only when I got dandruff and rapid hair fall. Think, yourself, I was still losing hair in the process and I couldn’t trust the money-greedy doctors.

One day, my mom told me that people in Kerala never kept oil on their head. I questioned my mom that they are people who apply coconut oil every day and their hair is silky smooth and so many. My mom answered me that they apply oil every morning before bath and wash them which gives nourishment to the head and doesn’t keep the unnecessary oil on the head. After this, I did the same what people from Kerala do and I found that its result was very fast and amazing. Well, it didn’t bring back my hair but I was able to maintain what I have.

Now, I have the same amount of hair on my head and extremely minimum hair fall (almost negligible). I will be going through some non-chemical treatment now and will be taking out some sweat to activate the pores.

It’s very important to have timely care and timely action when it comes to your own well-being. Had I known the uniqueness of my skin before the rapid hair fall I would have had much more hair than now. Never delay to act but know yourself before going through a process. Timely health care is key to a healthy lifestyle (including hair care).