Amazing Delhi!

If you are thinking Delhi is just another boring place with just a brief glimpse of India, then you are wrong. I visited Delhi in March 2017 and it was amazing.

I am not a person who goes for Temples, but a person who looks for history and heritage. Delhi gives me more of this. Moreover, this place is famous for its food, I tried it, it’s unique and amazing.

One must have heard many bad things about Delhi, but these kinds of things happen in every city. I would suggest crimes in new places come invited and never happen and you should be careful whichever place it is. People in Delhi are of all kinds and you cannot call all of them arrogant, you might meet a few. I found more helpful people in Delhi than the arrogant people (but I did find it, doesn’t happen often in Mumbai).

Delhi is a place where all Indian’s should visit. India! I would rather recommend it to the World.

After visiting Agra we came to Delhi for a 2-day trip. One day dedicated for sightseeing, and the other for shopping.

On the first day, we covered the following sights;

  • Qutub Minar and Iron Pillar
  • India Gate
  • Rashtrapati Bhavan
  • Parliament of India
  • Sarojini Market
  • Lotus Temple
  • Lal Quila (Red Fort), here we saw the light show at 7 pm.

Qutub Minar :

India Gate :

Lotus Temple :

Lal Quila (Red Fort) along with Video of Electric Car Ride

On the second day, we visited Chandni Chowk and toured and shopped inside it the whole day. There are wholesale markets of every kind inside Chandni Chowk. We brought Punjabi Suits starting INR 250/- to 950/- where in Mumbai the same are priced at around INR 900/- to 2500/-, you see the difference here. Apart from this, there are options of chat everywhere, do have Pani puri, Dahi Puri and also visit the Haldiram’s outlet.

Recommended Places for Foodies:

  • Karim’s (at Jama Masjid)
  • Kake Da Dhaba (at Connaught Place)
  • Chandni Chowk.

For Delhi Tourism Website, click here.

Get detailed information on Lonely Planet, click here.



India’s GodFather : Poetry on Dr. Ambedkar 

In An Age, 

Not Entitled to Wealth, 

You Stood Tough, 

And studied hard. 

When Gods gave up, 

And Disliked you, 

You stood still, 

And studied hard. 

When your studies, 

Made good light, 

You denied Wealth, 

To Show Right Path. 

When you went Afar, 

Your Law Stood Still, 


Making India Proud. 

You are an Avid, 

For Everything Scholar, 

Everything Social, 

Babasaheb you will always be India’s God Father. 


Unraveling Today’s Media

If we see history, it is evident that print media was quite popular and people trusted the journalist’s report. Media was a social machine which brought people together and was a useful tool in social upliftment and mass communication. I have great respect for the journalists till 1960’s. It was only later that profit became more important than the primary objective of giving news and news reports started becoming questionable. While print media was more popular, Television and Radio news also existed during those days.

Now, we are aware of the past and let’s just speak of the current scenario of the media and let’s keep social media out of it for a while. Now, all major media houses are companies and their primary aim is to make a profit out of advertisements. They no longer have that ‘let the truth come out’ motto but have an ‘increase more TRP’ attitude. This is the primary change what has disrupted not only the Indian Media but the world’s media. Most NEWS companies were ‘Standalone’ in the 1960’s but if we see today, most NEWS companies have allied businesses and many big businessmen have a share in it. For instance, Ambani’s own TV18, Times of India has many allied companies including event management companies and channels like Movies Now, Zoom, and so on. Most of these company influencer’s have political favoritism or I must say they are important for business. All media giants seem either booked or controlled directly or indirectly by a political party. This is not my view but this is the experience of the masses and more recently it added a question to the media from the common man ‘Why did you keep the Finance Bill 2017 under Shadows?’

Now, let’s have a look at the Social Media which a few years ago seemed liberal and didn’t seem bias. This is no longer the scenario now. There are Internet sites like ScoopWhoop, BuzzFeed and much more which are news delivering business houses having a large presence on the social media like FaceBook and Twitter. The news from these media sites seems biased to mainly two major political parties (BJP and INC). I said seemed and I am not blaming any party. There are sites who are supporting Gau Rakshaks and there are sites against it. There are sites which deliver news of a Muslim man being killed by so-called ‘Gau Rakshaks’ and at the same time, there are sites which deliver news on ‘Hindu’s being tortured in West Bengal’. What’s up with these Guys? These media agencies don’t deserve the Right to Opinion and its time they stand controlled in terms of religious matters as it will be very difficult to settle down the religious fire in the country which will take many lives and devastate many families economically.

My strong urge to all of you is to stay cautious of the news reported on all mediums and to apply your mind before making an opinion.

My personal thought on all types of NEWS delivering network’s is that they should have the Right to Speech but the Right to Opinion should be controlled as the Opinion itself is a brainwashing tool. I also feel that delivery of certain social news should be questioned by an Audit Agency and incorrect news should be charged by the amount of revenue earned on that particular news. This, in turn, will make news network be more careful and political parties and big businessmen will have less control over it to achieve mala-fide benefit, thus slowly unraveling media from the Political cum Corporate worm.


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Divided India!

There’s so much happening in the world. So much development. So much globalization. So many jobs. Yet we have a divided world with different views on religion, race, country of birth and gender.

Our history is full of filth, shit and whatever bad you can call it. Within these 500 years, there were people raising slogans of women empowerment, caste upliftment, diversity, secularism, and so on. But the 21st Century seems like a shift to the exactly opposite social agenda. In India, people are divided socially, in terms of religion, race, and caste. In the USA in terms of Religion and Race. In Gulf, they think Muslim Religion is the best and hate western culture.

Let me give you my experience in my own country, India! I have seen glimpses of Hindu-Muslim riots when I was a kid that is in the 1990’s. Slowly and steadily I experienced people changing towards equality and common faith. I saw India developing socially and I saw a great culture change which goes from a woman’s compulsion to wear saree, slowly changing to a Punjabi suit and then the older generation being okay with them wearing western clothing.

In school, I was thought India as a diverse nation and a struggling nation to bring equality. People were becoming more modern and open minded. But when we reached the 21st century, I started witnessing a decline in the same thoughts. Politicians brain-washing people slowly through continuous irrelevant debates and uprising on religion and caste. Today, Indian people are so divided that almost every Hindu hates Muslims, North Indians hate South Indians, Muslims hateHindus, Dalits still face injustice from not only Hindus but from all religions.

The British had used the formula of Divide and Rule. Our Original Leaders tried to bring an end to this divide. But, today’s leaders want to rule the country with the same formula. The British have gone but their theory of rule still remains with our politicians.

People in India are very talented but it’s of no use as even technology, money, modernization and globalization couldn’t bring us together.

I wish, religion becomes an outlier from every Indian’s life and we could live in harmony and peace.


Law Berg

Ice Melts as it comes towards high temperatures. Similarly, we can picturise our political system as a reducing power. That is not only for India but for all the nations in the world.

The Artic Region is melting because of the increasing heat around it. Strong pillars of ice collapse day by day and give our earth a rising temperature. Similarly, the Indian political pillars are collapsing day by day which is spreading a concern to its public.

If we picturise the past, strong pillars like Dr. Ambedkar, Mahatma Phule,  Gandhi, Pandit Nehru, Sardar Vallabhai Patel were great political leaders and the most important thing was their ethics which became strong pillars of India, one which had lead the freedom struggle and the other who made it stronger than ever.

But today these pillars no longer retain the same strength as before because the values and ethics of the people itself are lost. Paying bribes, black marketing, earning black money, illegal construction and buying of unbilled items have become a common adjustment in people’s lives and they do not know the consequences which may come across in future. Moreover, politicians, police, and government bodies have themselves become a black collar painted with white paint.

No more is the law strict, no more are people conscious and no more have Indians remained Indian with heart. But are forcefully made to hear the national anthem (while some do stand themselves). People still have respect for Mother India but have lost hope in its leaders, its system. People love their constitution but not the ways it is utilized.

If there is no leader how will a country lead itself? From growing crimes to filthy politics is what we hear in the news. If it’s true then the strong pillars will soon collapse in the ocean and it can only be stopped if we stop heating our minds towards wrongs political thoughts.

It is the public which gained freedom. It is the public which can retain it. The public makes a country and the public which decides right and wrong in the country and it is the public which ruins it.

State of India..Today!

We all say with pride that India is united and will always be united. I agree with that, but partially. As Indians, we know how united we are. Practically, we see a Hindu hating a Muslim, a Muslim hating Hindu’s, Marathi’s hating Bihari’s and states divided over water.

Are we really united? Ask yourself?


In Mumbai, years ago there was nothing like Hindu, Muslim and Bihari’s but we were all Mumbaikar’s. But see the state now. And this is just because we are following the foot steps of wrong leaders who follow the strategy of divide and rule.

When we walk along the street with our friends some of us would say “Yeh dekh Katve ko!” and “Sale in Bihari ne toh Mumbai ko ganda kar diya hai.” But the reality is that Continue reading “State of India..Today!”