The Booking Time

When half the world is sleeping the other half is wide awake. However, we are all in the globalization mode and any booking can be made from anywhere around the world.

It is important that revenue managers know the booking time slot when a specific domicile starts their bookings. India will produce maximum reservations between 0900 to 2000 IST, USA will produce maximum reservations between 1900 to next days 0600 hrs IST, UK will produce maximum reservations between 0300 to 1400 hrs IST and so on. That means revenue managers can pass on the benefit or overcharge the other in order to get a better yield.

Let me tell you an example of how some hotels make more while taking advantage of the booking slots. Suppose hotel ‘A’ is a big brand in India and hotel ‘B’ its competition is well known in the USA and both hotels are situated in India. Now, a revenue manager from hotel ‘A’ wants to beat this international brand in both bookings and revenue. Hotel ‘A’ will sell rooms at a little higher rate in the time slot 0900 to 2000 IST as Indians will prefer this hotel over hotel ‘B’ and sell lower than hotel ‘B’ outside this time slot so Americans find the hotel ‘A’ cheaper on all OTA’s and book it. So here hotel ‘A’ sells higher to the Indians and sells cheaper to the Americans. This is a real technique which is practiced in big hotels in India and abroad and many people are unaware of it.

Where airlines can apply this technique? Airlines operating in India can apply this technique on flights to leisure destinations and with a monopoly/time monopoly. Domestic travelers have an option of traveling via train or road if the airfares are too high. But when the USA wakes up they have no other option but to travel by air and they will book it without checking any other alternate options.

As per me, this is an ethical practice and we can take advantage of the time. We must always keep in minds the primary aims of revenue management, which are;

  1. Selling the right product
  2. To right the customer,
  3. At the right Time,
  4. For the right price,
  5. with the Right Pack

Understanding customer’s perception of product value and aligning product prices, placement, and availability with each customer segment are key principles of revenue management.

In the mentioned technique we are focusing on point 3 of the primary aims of revenue management which changes the strategy.


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Unethical Practices in Hotel Revenue Management

The term revenue management may have been introduced in the 20th century, but the concept is very old. In the olden days, unethical practices were more popular than ethical practices. Creating artificial demand, stockpiling, holding rates via consortium are older practices which are followed till today.

While generally among the masses, such unethical practices are thought to prevail only in the agri-industry, it does exist in many industries including the travel and tourism industry.

Unethical practices in the hotel industry are not followed daily but are rather occasional.

Let’s see the unethical practices followed in the hotel industry.

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