The Mysterious Book Your Boss Doesn’t Want You To Read

A Book That Spoke The TRUTH!

The Title is Striking. But even that is the Truth and an unpleasant one.

I thought of doing some network marketing once and the friend who tried to introduce me to the business gave me some books of Burke Hughes and Robert Kiyosaki as a starter material to start the job. He also gave me a book called ‘Who Stole The American Dream’ written by Burke Hughes and it was to be one of the initial books to be read before I open another.

The book will let you the reality of the work force and how fake the American Dream has been since the 60’s. It tells us that the American Dream has been a big lie and the dreams has always been true for the rich and the powerful. It will give its facts and data and try to train you on how you should be achieving your dreams and the different ways you should achieve it.

Burke Hughes being a network marketing professional suggests Network Marketing is the best route but he has given equal importance to all the ways. For example, to keep investing for higher returns and thats not savings bonds and equity shares but investing in your own business. He also gives an explanation of some of the negative traits of the business and how to identify it and stay away. He has explained American Scam that is the ‘Aeroplane Game’.

I don’t want to give you the entire idea before you read the book. If you are a middle class person who has dreams, then I suggest you read this book at-least once. Do note that this book is not a Pure Network Marketing book and you will come to know once you read it.

On Amazon the book is available for Rs 188/- (paper back) and is absolutely free for Kindle Users.

Don’t wait. Buy ‘Who Stole the American Dream’ and make your Dreams come true.

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Tenacious Jio

Most Indian’s must know of the offer of Reliance Jio. They gave us Free Internet, Free Calling and access to Premium Apps which included Live Tv, Free Selected Newspaper, and Magazines online and so on. Until March 2017 I never realized that I will need Jio post 31st March 2017.

I signed up for the Reliance Jio Sim in September and since then I am using free Internet and Calling saving almost INR 2000/- per month on my another cellular network and now I am getting another 3 months free April 2017 onwards since I am a premium member plus I took their INR 303 plan.

I have observed that Mr. Ambani is very tenacious in his business and is not one of those who does a no win show. Let’s look at the plan:

  • Reliance Jio captured the market with a bang instead of a slow and steady market capture. They had to do it with a bang as most customers don’t prefer changing their service providers.
  • They made us use free Internet for initial three months made us addicted to unlimited Internet.
  • Then they gave free internet for another three months with 1 GB per day cap of 4G internet and then reducing speed further.
  • Then they offered Prime Membership and saw how many are actually going to use Reliance Jio after March 2017.
  • After this, they announced an extension to the Prime Subscription which offered Free Premium Applications for a year.
  • Then suddenly in April, they announced 3 months more free Internet on recharge of INR 303 plan (or more).

With this Reliance Jio, has forced us to use their service because of it being very cost friendly for a 4G service (plus it has free calling). I am happy with the Internet speed (except in a few zones) of Reliance Jio and it’s too cost friendly and my pockets now seem heavier than before.

Reliance Jio has been too tenacious since its launch and I think it will do the same with the upcoming launches of other products and services.

Good Going Reliance Jio and thanks for your Shagun.