The Mysterious Book Your Boss Doesn’t Want You To Read

A Book That Spoke The TRUTH!

The Title is Striking. But even that is the Truth and an unpleasant one.

I thought of doing some network marketing once and the friend who tried to introduce me to the business gave me some books of Burke Hughes and Robert Kiyosaki as a starter material to start the job. He also gave me a book called ‘Who Stole The American Dream’ written by Burke Hughes and it was to be one of the initial books to be read before I open another.

The book will let you the reality of the work force and how fake the American Dream has been since the 60’s. It tells us that the American Dream has been a big lie and the dreams has always been true for the rich and the powerful. It will give its facts and data and try to train you on how you should be achieving your dreams and the different ways you should achieve it.

Burke Hughes being a network marketing professional suggests Network Marketing is the best route but he has given equal importance to all the ways. For example, to keep investing for higher returns and thats not savings bonds and equity shares but investing in your own business. He also gives an explanation of some of the negative traits of the business and how to identify it and stay away. He has explained American Scam that is the ‘Aeroplane Game’.

I don’t want to give you the entire idea before you read the book. If you are a middle class person who has dreams, then I suggest you read this book at-least once. Do note that this book is not a Pure Network Marketing book and you will come to know once you read it.

On Amazon the book is available for Rs 188/- (paper back) and is absolutely free for Kindle Users.

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The Alchemist (By Paulo Coelho) – Book Review


The Alchemist is a Fiction cum Philosophy based book and is way different than many fiction novels people generally expect. This book will enhance your expectations as it is one of a kind and you cannot keep the book half read. You may stay awake late to finish it.

The Alchemist is a story of a young boy who dreams of travelling around the world and travels to North Africa then Egypt where he meets an Alchemist.

The Alchemist was written by Paulo Coelho originally in Portuguese language and was translated lated in English by Margaret Jull Costa.

I recommend that you BUY this book on Amazon as you will get a 43% discount on Paperback which is INR 170 (down from INR 299/-). You can also buy the Kindle edition at just INR 39/-.

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‘Not Without My Daughter’ (by Betty Mahmoody) – Book Review

An American Mother’s fight to escape to US. But she wont do that without her daughter.

‘Not Without My Daughter’ or ‘NWMD’ was written by Mrs. Betty Mahmoody along with some assistance from Mr. William Hoffer. This book is not a Fiction but is an Autobiography on a life’s phase of Betty Mahmoody. It’s a real incident and there is an English movie on this book with the same title, but the movie has skipped many important parts.

Many people like fiction, I like it too. But this book tough being an autobiography has got the energy and taste of fiction novels as the writing is so interesting, emotional and well written. Its written straight from the heart.

NWMD is about how Betty Mahmoody was cheated by her husband to live forcefully in Iran and how she was tortured and how she got stuck in the over-religious place for the sake of her daughter. Betty swore that she will leave Iran only with her Daughter and hence the title – ‘Not Without My Daughter.’

The book will take you through the life of Betty Mahmoody in Iran along with her Daughter (Mahtob), Husband (Moody) and Husbands relatives. It will also show you the life of Iranian women and how ridiculously the government supported extreme religious laws against women.

Everyone should read this book, especially women and among them mothers and teenaged daughters.

I recommend this book to every parent and their sons and daughters. I am giving below links to buy the book. Do buy them and let me know the reviews in the comments.

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