Timely Hair Care

I am one of those unluckiest people who start losing their hair at a very young age, the cause being that it’s hereditary. Now, what can a person do when the hair fall is a male pattern hair-fall.

There are many therapies available guaranteeing you hair growth.I would say don’t believe in it completely. The first time I learned about this hair fall was when I was 21. That’s too early right and the doctor prescribed me some minoxidil solution and some medicines. Slowly I learned that the medicine was only preventing hair loss. Then I searched the internet and found that it’s a drug which slowly activates that hair growing cells and slows down scalp aging.  Moreover, I can’t stop it as to maintain that hair I will need to keep using it, so that becomes a lifetime affair. So, I stopped taking it further.

Now, someone told me to apply an ayurvedic oil, so I tried it and then slowly learned that I lose more hair when I apply oil. Then, I didn’t apply oil for a month and then there was rapid hair fall again, then I realized that there was a lack of nourishment and again I applied oil once and the hair fall stopped (and dandruff too.) With this, I didn’t know what to do further and applied oil only when I got dandruff and rapid hair fall. Think, yourself, I was still losing hair in the process and I couldn’t trust the money-greedy doctors.

One day, my mom told me that people in Kerala never kept oil on their head. I questioned my mom that they are people who apply coconut oil every day and their hair is silky smooth and so many. My mom answered me that they apply oil every morning before bath and wash them which gives nourishment to the head and doesn’t keep the unnecessary oil on the head. After this, I did the same what people from Kerala do and I found that its result was very fast and amazing. Well, it didn’t bring back my hair but I was able to maintain what I have.

Now, I have the same amount of hair on my head and extremely minimum hair fall (almost negligible). I will be going through some non-chemical treatment now and will be taking out some sweat to activate the pores.

It’s very important to have timely care and timely action when it comes to your own well-being. Had I known the uniqueness of my skin before the rapid hair fall I would have had much more hair than now. Never delay to act but know yourself before going through a process. Timely health care is key to a healthy lifestyle (including hair care).



The Bully at School

All schools have bullies and I had one just behind my back. He hated me to the core and I was frightened of him. I had never known the reason why some people target someone just to satisfy their ego.

Well I don’t want to take is the name but he was a Sardar who wore a Turban. I don’t think he ever deserved the turban by the way he thinks of other people. This Sardar was in my tuition, in my school, and in my school too. So the only place left was my house and the streets. He was that bully who used to use physical force on people and used to feel good about it.

Sardar had once told me that he hated Maharashtrian’s to the core and couldn’t see me in a better lifestyle and to add to his ego, I was also an Ambedkerite. I think these teaching comes from his family and not from him. There are many incidents with him, on bursting ego, to teasing him and he losing a final fight.

The first time the fight got upgraded to a kill -kill affair was when I gave a denim dress to the tuition teacher’s granddaughter ‘Rachel’ on her Birthday. The teacher said that this was the best gift she had recieved, this was because denim’s were quite expensive in 1990’s and quite rare to come in the form of a dress in India. Sardar got furious with the two words ‘Best Gift’ and started arguing with the teacher. He sad to the teacher that I boy is from a poor family and he must have stolen it from someone and a big fight broken between me and him. This was the beginning of the world war which will now last for a few years.

Now, Sardar was also on my school bus and he used to bully me in the bus with comments and then used to follow me and provoke me to fight. We fought many times on the street which had dirty gutters until I pushed him in a gutter once.

After being bullied many times I had finally given up on fighting back and he started bullying me more. Now I wondered what will keep him away from me. So, I thought of giving up on verbal arguments which for some time will please him that he had won.

Finally, after a lot of bullying the silence before the storm was over. I caught his turban and took it off, kicked him on his stomach with all my strength, then sat on his chest and started beating him. When my stop arrived I ran home out of the realization that he will beat me to death.

Next Day, his mom spoke to the bus owner and complained about me and all my friends took my side and declared him a trouble maker. This made his mom furious and she fought with the bus owner and swore never to send her son to the school bus and finally I was pleased with the bully free school life.


Unraveling Today’s Media

If we see history, it is evident that print media was quite popular and people trusted the journalist’s report. Media was a social machine which brought people together and was a useful tool in social upliftment and mass communication. I have great respect for the journalists till 1960’s. It was only later that profit became more important than the primary objective of giving news and news reports started becoming questionable. While print media was more popular, Television and Radio news also existed during those days.

Now, we are aware of the past and let’s just speak of the current scenario of the media and let’s keep social media out of it for a while. Now, all major media houses are companies and their primary aim is to make a profit out of advertisements. They no longer have that ‘let the truth come out’ motto but have an ‘increase more TRP’ attitude. This is the primary change what has disrupted not only the Indian Media but the world’s media. Most NEWS companies were ‘Standalone’ in the 1960’s but if we see today, most NEWS companies have allied businesses and many big businessmen have a share in it. For instance, Ambani’s own TV18, Times of India has many allied companies including event management companies and channels like Movies Now, Zoom, and so on. Most of these company influencer’s have political favoritism or I must say they are important for business. All media giants seem either booked or controlled directly or indirectly by a political party. This is not my view but this is the experience of the masses and more recently it added a question to the media from the common man ‘Why did you keep the Finance Bill 2017 under Shadows?’

Now, let’s have a look at the Social Media which a few years ago seemed liberal and didn’t seem bias. This is no longer the scenario now. There are Internet sites like ScoopWhoop, BuzzFeed and much more which are news delivering business houses having a large presence on the social media like FaceBook and Twitter. The news from these media sites seems biased to mainly two major political parties (BJP and INC). I said seemed and I am not blaming any party. There are sites who are supporting Gau Rakshaks and there are sites against it. There are sites which deliver news of a Muslim man being killed by so-called ‘Gau Rakshaks’ and at the same time, there are sites which deliver news on ‘Hindu’s being tortured in West Bengal’. What’s up with these Guys? These media agencies don’t deserve the Right to Opinion and its time they stand controlled in terms of religious matters as it will be very difficult to settle down the religious fire in the country which will take many lives and devastate many families economically.

My strong urge to all of you is to stay cautious of the news reported on all mediums and to apply your mind before making an opinion.

My personal thought on all types of NEWS delivering network’s is that they should have the Right to Speech but the Right to Opinion should be controlled as the Opinion itself is a brainwashing tool. I also feel that delivery of certain social news should be questioned by an Audit Agency and incorrect news should be charged by the amount of revenue earned on that particular news. This, in turn, will make news network be more careful and political parties and big businessmen will have less control over it to achieve mala-fide benefit, thus slowly unraveling media from the Political cum Corporate worm.


Photo credit: Foter.com

The Blind Man in the Bus

Those were college days. Owning phones had just become common and that to recently with college going kids. But I didn’t have one and I was one on so many without it. This is a story of those days when the world was becoming high tech but sadly there were some special people who didn’t see that technology and the visual experience of rapidly developing India.

Everyday I used to travel from Chembur to Dadar to my College. I was in my Junior College then and as a guy aged 17 I had lot of energy and a lot interest in the newly no-school mature world. Unlike in 2017, 2007 was a way better in terms of actually knowing people. People knew other people visually and some even talked to each other in the B.E.S.T bus. There were so many college guys and girls boarding and getting down the bus as almost all stops had colleges like Khalsa College, SIES, SIWS, Ruia College, Ruparel College and so on. Most of the time I used to stand and used to notice especially girls I knew visually and their everyday different styles and I never had the guts to talk to them, I was in all boys school, how could I? But yes, apart from the girls there were very different people who took the bus everyday, the same bus that I used to take (cause I left home at a fixed time 1230 hours noon)., there was a woman who blamed every man to be taking advantage of her (I know no one took advantage and why would anyone, there was nothing good in her), there was a businessman who used to talk business of crores and yet travelled on my bus to save money (he was a Marvadi), there was a girl who I had a crush on and she used to give me back smiles but we never actually talked, and then there was a blind man who used to travel from Sion to Dadar T.T.

The blind man I supose was a parsi. He was well dressed, had all the etiquettes a gentleman should have. He always used to get the handicap seat. It seemed he used to work somewhere like an organisation or so. This blind man used to wait at the same spot and generally needed no help to get up on the stair. People always showed him where the door was and ofcouse its because its Aamchi Mumbai! This man is a life’s example for me because he never gave up and there are a few examples I remember yet today.

He once heard f a baby crying and then came to know that it was a baby crying on a lady shoulder and who was standing. This man offered the seat to her. I am not kidding! It was a mouth shut episode for all the men including the young seated ladies. What a lesson!

Then, there was a time when the conductor changed. The new conductor tried to fool him by giving coins and notes of a different currency while buying the bus ticket. But, the gentleman was not someone to fool. He got to know that the conductor was trying to fool him and created a rukus. He also, knew which currency he gave the conductor. This was a live example to me that you dont need eyes to live, you need the mind and courage to live.

I forgot to tell you, there used to be a lady to recieve him who was almost as old as him. He never made her suffer to be with him all the way. A true gentleman I must say.

This man is some one I can never forget. I dont remember his face but I remember what he used to wear..a kurta and payjama or a Safari Suit, sometimes.


Tenacious Jio

Most Indian’s must know of the offer of Reliance Jio. They gave us Free Internet, Free Calling and access to Premium Apps which included Live Tv, Free Selected Newspaper, and Magazines online and so on. Until March 2017 I never realized that I will need Jio post 31st March 2017.

I signed up for the Reliance Jio Sim in September and since then I am using free Internet and Calling saving almost INR 2000/- per month on my another cellular network and now I am getting another 3 months free April 2017 onwards since I am a premium member plus I took their INR 303 plan.

I have observed that Mr. Ambani is very tenacious in his business and is not one of those who does a no win show. Let’s look at the plan:

  • Reliance Jio captured the market with a bang instead of a slow and steady market capture. They had to do it with a bang as most customers don’t prefer changing their service providers.
  • They made us use free Internet for initial three months made us addicted to unlimited Internet.
  • Then they gave free internet for another three months with 1 GB per day cap of 4G internet and then reducing speed further.
  • Then they offered Prime Membership and saw how many are actually going to use Reliance Jio after March 2017.
  • After this, they announced an extension to the Prime Subscription which offered Free Premium Applications for a year.
  • Then suddenly in April, they announced 3 months more free Internet on recharge of INR 303 plan (or more).

With this Reliance Jio, has forced us to use their service because of it being very cost friendly for a 4G service (plus it has free calling). I am happy with the Internet speed (except in a few zones) of Reliance Jio and it’s too cost friendly and my pockets now seem heavier than before.

Reliance Jio has been too tenacious since its launch and I think it will do the same with the upcoming launches of other products and services.

Good Going Reliance Jio and thanks for your Shagun.


Divided India!

There’s so much happening in the world. So much development. So much globalization. So many jobs. Yet we have a divided world with different views on religion, race, country of birth and gender.

Our history is full of filth, shit and whatever bad you can call it. Within these 500 years, there were people raising slogans of women empowerment, caste upliftment, diversity, secularism, and so on. But the 21st Century seems like a shift to the exactly opposite social agenda. In India, people are divided socially, in terms of religion, race, and caste. In the USA in terms of Religion and Race. In Gulf, they think Muslim Religion is the best and hate western culture.

Let me give you my experience in my own country, India! I have seen glimpses of Hindu-Muslim riots when I was a kid that is in the 1990’s. Slowly and steadily I experienced people changing towards equality and common faith. I saw India developing socially and I saw a great culture change which goes from a woman’s compulsion to wear saree, slowly changing to a Punjabi suit and then the older generation being okay with them wearing western clothing.

In school, I was thought India as a diverse nation and a struggling nation to bring equality. People were becoming more modern and open minded. But when we reached the 21st century, I started witnessing a decline in the same thoughts. Politicians brain-washing people slowly through continuous irrelevant debates and uprising on religion and caste. Today, Indian people are so divided that almost every Hindu hates Muslims, North Indians hate South Indians, Muslims hateHindus, Dalits still face injustice from not only Hindus but from all religions.

The British had used the formula of Divide and Rule. Our Original Leaders tried to bring an end to this divide. But, today’s leaders want to rule the country with the same formula. The British have gone but their theory of rule still remains with our politicians.

People in India are very talented but it’s of no use as even technology, money, modernization and globalization couldn’t bring us together.

I wish, religion becomes an outlier from every Indian’s life and we could live in harmony and peace.


Quitting Nicotine

There are so many people in the world who don’t smoke. They think that they are wiser and smokers aren’t aware that they are destroying their lungs and reducing their life span. This isn’t true. Smoker’s are aware that its injurious but they don’t have an alternative to cut out the craving. Addiction to nicotine is similar to addiction to caffeine, your brain and body don’t require it but you still feel inactive without a cup of coffee or tea. Can you quit that? It’s difficult, right?

Nicotine is a drug that hits the nervous tissue and changes the chemical property of the cells such that you crave for more nicotine. It takes days for nicotine to get out of the body and then you also need to change your daily habit which is even more difficult. I have many friends who are smokers who say that they only smoke about 4 to 5 cigarettes per day but as per my observation, it’s at least 6 or 7 and I have counted the sticks burnt only during work hours.

What does smoking do to your mind? Since its effects, the nervous system its highly addictive and the craving becomes more and more with each phase. Its shifts your concentration during a meeting or during something very important and you only think of having some smoke in your lungs. This craving takes off your mood at work or shifts your mood during important moments. Intake of nicotine makes a person short tempered and lazy. This is all as per my experience.

What does smoking do to your body? The tar in the cigarette gets settled in your lungs making your lungs to extract lesser oxygen from the air. It reduces your stamina and you will notice it more if you climb steps at least till one floor, and you will gasp. If you are someone who’s smoking since many years you will gasp heavily, as if you have run a 100-metre race. You won’t notice nicotine patches on your skin until you quit and see the difference after a few weeks. Not all smokers get cancer, heart diseases or lung disorders but they are generally more prone to diseases as they have a lower immune system. There are hair-like cells in our Esophagus which throws away foreign particles outside the stomach. This also helps to take out a cough in the throat easily but smokers find it very difficult as the hair-like cell suspends their action for some time. Smokers fall sick more often than non-smokers.

A Bad Experience on giving up Smoking:

Quitting smoking is something which needs planning. It’s almost impossible to quit smoking from the next day onwards because when you have your lunch tomorrow you will crave for it like a cocaine addict. I had quit smoking in many times and failed like a loser and finally, I quit to quit. After a few months, I heard of nicotine replacement therapy (please search the web for nicotine replacement therapy) and I thought to give it a try and I started chewing gums of pure nicotine, after a few months I realized I was addicted to the gum (but the craving was lesser) and after a few months more I became allergic to it. Isn’t that a very funny part that happened in my life? It wasn’t funny when it happened as it was an event of complete failure and it seemed like a dead end to quit smoking.  I was orally allergic to the gum and there was a chance that my tongue could get swollen and I die of suffocation, this is what the doctor said.

Planning to Quit:

After a few months, I thought of giving one more try and planning it correctly. I searched the internet for the experience of successful quitters and I finally found that quitting at the right time is the most important part and I set the date. I set the date as October 15, which is a hot month in the city of Mumbai and its humidity makes one go nuts. The air doesn’t feel fresh at this time and one doesn’t like to get their lungs heated more, except when they are craving badly. Moreover, I used to have more work at this time and it helped me to get occupied at work and take my mind off the nicotine. I started feeling weak, dizzy, sleepy at first but then after a week, I was all ok with it. I had increased the intake of water. An android application called ‘Quit Now’ helped me motivate to quit smoking. All this was a part of a plan and it didn’t just happen by luck. I required a recipe which contained, the perfect time, weather, a motivator (the android application ‘Quit Now’), and a powerful inner force to say “just one more day” every day. Let me tell you a key factor that helped me quit. I stopped socializing or being with smokers and it helped me to put my mind more on other things.

Friends! Quitting smoking is very tough to achieve and you may fail a lot of times. But it’s not impossible. With proper planning, advice, and dedication its possible. You need only 3 days to take out the physical dependability, 3 days more and you will become more confident, a week more and you may crave a little only due to a change in habit, a week more then you have almost reached quitting the cigarette and then you just need to avoid it and tell yourself that you are not a smoker anymore.

Don’t Quit to Quit. Make yourself ready to Quit the stick. Best of Luck!