संकट को सलाम! (based on Guests)

अतिथि का नाम,
संकट को सलाम,
सलामी मेरी झूठी,
क्या यही करू मे काम?

आए दिन वक़्त नही मिलता,
खाने का ना कोई नाम,
कैसे करू मे फुलो से सलाम,
जब टुकड़े टुकड़े है मेरे प्राण?

जाना है कही इधर उधर,
तब दखल देते अतिथि इधर इधर!
नाम नही लेते जाने का,
और खा जाते है मेरे प्राण.

The above poetry in Hindi was written by me on 8 January 2005.


The Demons

As I passed the gate with my parents for my admission in the college hostel, helping hands had come forward to tell me that they were with me, to support me. I took admission to room number 18 with a third year and with one of my own batch.

At first I was delighted at the truth that I was in one of the best hotel management colleges in the country. But soon I realized that with every good that happens some bad keeps following it.

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