How I lost 6 kg in a Week? Without a proper Diet and Exercise.

Skip a few essentials from Eating Habits.

At 106, it was really a task to use public transport all the way to office or even walk for a short distance. 106 was my weight and it’s not my age. I was 28 years old and 106 kg fat and looked like a Grizzly Bear. For about 4 years I tried reducing my weight with no effort and I achieved to go from 102 in 2014 to 106 in 2017. I had to go downward and not upward and the only thing I had achieved was I didn’t explode but rather controlled the explosion to just make its pace slower and not reverse it.

I was a foodie and I am one, still. Food has always been my best past time and I still don’t need anyone to accompany me when I am eating, I can eat alone. Tea was my favorite and at office I had Bun with Extra Butter Dipped in Tea (my favorite evening snack).

It was such a time that I started fading and I never looked good in any clothing. My body is such that fatness makes me look older. I had to reverse the process but some things are still uncontrollable. I mean….Exercise?…A Diet Program?…No, I can’t do it!

I spoke to my friends and many of my office colleagues about this and a few of them advised me to skip tea  and reduce table sugar intake. Now this was extremely difficult but not impossible.

Skipping Tea. Super Duper Caffeine and Table Sugar Craving and the most difficult part, not having it while craving when your colleague is having it in front of you. 2 Table Spoon Sugar mixed in the Latte but you can’t have it. After 3 days, I asked my self a question. Wasn’t I supposed to crave for coffee?

Junk Food…Skipped! Jalebis…Skipped! Sweets….Skipped! Soft Drinks…Skipped! Starch Intake….Sorry, I need to survive, hence can’t Skip!

7 Days later I checked my self on the weighing scale, it was 100. “6 kg loss…Wow”, was my reaction on seeing the figure. I re-checked on another scale to verify and it really was 100. So I was just adding sugar to maintain my weight all the time. Sugar Intake Should be Controlled. So Let’s Skip Sugar to Reduce Weight.

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Throw the Toothbrush

Its more than half a century since the toothbrush was invented and in 2038 it will become 100 years old. The toothbrush had become rapidly the most hygenic dental tool and replaced the twigs which were used by man since centuries.

Initially the bristles were made from the tail of pigs since plastic was not available such that to make it available for daily dental use in the form of bristles. The invention of the toothbrush has given a lot to the society, I mean that sarcastily. What benifit did it bring? Have you ever thought about it?

Toothbrush has given us nothing but an industrially produced product that looks sleek and needs a soapy paste in order to use it. So, basically cheap twigs were replaced by a comparatilely expensive brush and a compulsary paste so the brush can be used. We got cheated, and I dont need to give you documented proof as I have my own experience on both the twigs and the brush.

A long time ago I was worried about my stainy teeth as the brush could never take the stains off and I used to brush and press the bristles which eventually caused damage to my gums. Then I was thought to goto my dentist and when I complained about my stainy teeth the Dentist replied that such stains never go after brushing and I will need to clean my teeth via a dental process which will cost a bomb. So, here eventually everyone makes money and I loose. I finally went through the cleaning process, and my teeth were white again. However, it stained again after one or two months. I had to brush in a manner the doctor advised me but I didn’t follow the steps and ended up staining my teeth again.

After this I once visited my village in Nashik and I saw the people brushing with a power made of tobacco, their teeth were glossy white and they brushed only once. I spoke to an old woman there and she advised me to use neem twigs instead of the tobacco as tobacco powder does more harm to the other areas. So, I used the neem twigs as the old lady had instrusted me. I used the neem twigs for just two days and my teeth had become completly white. No Chemical, No Artificial Flavour, No Brush, Just Pure Ayurveda or the age old technique which Indian’s always used. One can use the twigs which were used by their ansectors as they all have unique properties and not nnecassarily one should use neem twigs only. I also used babool twigs and it had its own uniqueness.

So, here my experience with the tooth brush was not so great and the twigs had beaten it.

I urge everyone to keep the tooth brush aside and use the twigs instead. The twigs are far more better. Just try to use it atleast twice a week and you will notice the difference.

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You are Addicted to Sugar..!

Some time ago I was curious about why did I ever crave for food even when I was full. I would never say no to an ice-cream or a dessert even after food. Tea without sugar never gave me a kick and tea with sugar was like an energy boost. At first I thought, I was badly addicted to caffaine but then later when I started adding less table sugar I observed that sugar less tea or coffee never gave me a boost. So, I researched! I like to research when the issue is with me, and thanks Google and Bing for giving me what I want.

I found out that sugar is an agent which gives the same signal which cocaine gives to the brain. Remember the famous word DOPE? Its derived from the chemical agent Dopamine which is released by the body which then goes to the brain and starts making you addicted. Narcotic Drugs like Cocaine, Heroine and many more makes the body release cocaine. Here’s your Surprise! SUGAR also generates high amount of Dopamine in your body. Thus, making you ADDICTIVE to Sugar.

Sugar addiction doesn’t mean craving for table sugar itself. It’s a craving which makes you choose your food with high level of sugar. The brain is smart, it analyses the dopamine craving and makes you choose certain foods that will suit its requirements. Like a sugar craving will lead you to a have juices, extra cheese pizza, Pav Bhaji, Vada Pav, Samosa, and all foods with high level of starch. When you crave for sugar, you don’t look for leafy vegetables. You look for potato or any high fat and high sugar food varients.

The worst part of sugar addiction is that people don’t know that they are addicted. They feel that they are hungry and just prefer junk food instead of healthy homemade food.

Here’s what Doctor Robert Lustig wrote in ‘The Atlantic’: “The brain’s pleasure center, called the nucleus accumbens, is essential for our survival as a species… When you consume any substance of abuse, including sugar, the nucleus accumbens receives a dopamine signal, from which you experience pleasure. And so you consume more. The problem is that with prolonged exposure, the signal attenuates, gets weaker. So you have to consume more to get the same effect — tolerance. And if you pull back on the substance, you go into withdrawal. Tolerance and withdrawal constitute addiction.” Dr. Lustig is a Professor of Pediatrics at the University of California.

Apart from the addiction of Sugar caused from Dopamine, addiction to sugar also comes from Harmone Leptin. This type of addiction tells the brain how energy stored as fat is to be used. It targets taste receptors in the tongue which tells you if you are craving more or less.

Let’s see the negative effects of Sugar;

  1. Sugar addiction causes Behavioral changes in a person. Anxiety, Hyperactivity, Adrenaline Rush, Drowsiness, Crankiness and decreased activity in children. It causes learning disorders in children. Addiction also leads to Alcoholism and Depression.
  2. Addiction to Sugar causes Sickness. Sugar feeds cancer cells and induces cell death. Intake of sugar plays one of the major roles in development of Kidney stone and Gallstones. If sugar absorption is done rapidly by your body then it leads to excessive food intake. High Sugar promotes allergies. Excessive sugar leads to many diseases like atherosclerosis (and other cardiovascular diseases), cataracts, emphysema, obesity. It promotes or gives a boost diseases like arthritis, chronic degenerative diseases, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, Parkinson’s disease, Gum disease, Toxima in pregnancy, and many more.
  3. Sugar brings negative effects to your body. Have you ever realized that sugar promotes ageing? If you are ageing fast blame your sugar addiction. You need to bring it low starting now. Also, your immune system decreases, there is tissue loss which makes you body loose its elasticity, eye-sight gets weaker, and many more. High intake of sugar also brings harmonal imbalance.

After, I found out the above I have been cutting sugar. But it seems that cutting sugar is even tougher than quitting nicotine or alcohol. I have been skipping tea, high calorie and high sugar food items (such as ice-creams, sweets and desserts) and avoiding junk food. When I try to control, I crave like an an addict and i start getting dizzy. Its just difficult. I sometimes feel a person just doesn’t eat just to fill his stomach but he eats also to stop the craving.

Choosing an extra cheese pizza, an ice cream, eating sweets, jalebi’s, to eat is not a matter of choice for many people like me but it’s a matter of craving. When there is a bowl of ice-cream and plate of main course served together, do you think of tasting the ice-cream first? If yes, you are a sugar addict. If not then may be  you generally like sweets or have more food than required which means you are a sugar addict.

My personal request to you is, reduce the intake of sugar and try to realize your addiction and bring it in control.

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) as shown in the below video, will assist you in controlling emotional behavioral shifts like anxiety and much more caused by sugar craving.

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Climbing The Stairs

I was becoming fat day by day, and there was no exercise in my Office Style Hospitality Work. I was working in a  5-star hotel but in an office sitting all day deciding the price of a room. There used to be a whole 5-star buffet spread in Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner for all employees which added to my fat much more. If I chose Salad, I would choose a continental salad and add a lot of dressing and if I chose the main course it will be a non-vegetarian one with a lot of fat and to add to that a sweet dish or a dessert.

I was fluffing day after day and with the mental pressure at work and those late working hours it was nearly impossible for me to exercise for an hour and I used to come home relax, freshen up and sleep. In the hotel industry, the operations people like the bell boys, waiters, housekeepers and so on have a lot of physical work. When there is someone who sits whole day they have a lot of mental pressure and only a person who has experienced this will understand that. I do.

So, walking was on my agenda. I walked 3 kilometers from office daily but it made no difference. 3 kilometers were a piece of cake and the fat burned was just its cherry. So, I starting talking advice from many people and the diet option was always ignored by me because I can’t be only on raw vegetables all day. I didn’t want to reduce my food I wanted to reduce my fat through exercise.

One day my Mom asked our neighbor about her achievements on weight loss as she had reduced a lot of weight. She said never walk on the street just like that as you walk parallel to the ground and the result is minimal. She said that she used to climb up the stairs 3 times daily and saved a lot of time. This was it and my mom made me climb the stairs.

Climbing once was really tiring and I was gasping like I would die. A few days after I came to two times a day and I repeated this and I lost 4 kilograms in a month. I didn’t continue this as I am a very lazy person but yes climbing the stairs 4 floors up and down each day twice worked for me and it only took 5 to 10 minutes.

I recommend this to everyone as climbing stairs require more than double the energy if compared to walking. In your day to day life, skip the elevator and climb the stairs as it will bring some good to your health like burning fats, good heartbeat or just getting used to climbing the stairs without gasping.

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Timely Hair Care

I am one of those unluckiest people who start losing their hair at a very young age, the cause being that it’s hereditary. Now, what can a person do when the hair fall is a male pattern hair-fall.

There are many therapies available guaranteeing you hair growth.I would say don’t believe in it completely. The first time I learned about this hair fall was when I was 21. That’s too early right and the doctor prescribed me some minoxidil solution and some medicines. Slowly I learned that the medicine was only preventing hair loss. Then I searched the internet and found that it’s a drug which slowly activates that hair growing cells and slows down scalp aging.  Moreover, I can’t stop it as to maintain that hair I will need to keep using it, so that becomes a lifetime affair. So, I stopped taking it further.

Now, someone told me to apply an ayurvedic oil, so I tried it and then slowly learned that I lose more hair when I apply oil. Then, I didn’t apply oil for a month and then there was rapid hair fall again, then I realized that there was a lack of nourishment and again I applied oil once and the hair fall stopped (and dandruff too.) With this, I didn’t know what to do further and applied oil only when I got dandruff and rapid hair fall. Think, yourself, I was still losing hair in the process and I couldn’t trust the money-greedy doctors.

One day, my mom told me that people in Kerala never kept oil on their head. I questioned my mom that they are people who apply coconut oil every day and their hair is silky smooth and so many. My mom answered me that they apply oil every morning before bath and wash them which gives nourishment to the head and doesn’t keep the unnecessary oil on the head. After this, I did the same what people from Kerala do and I found that its result was very fast and amazing. Well, it didn’t bring back my hair but I was able to maintain what I have.

Now, I have the same amount of hair on my head and extremely minimum hair fall (almost negligible). I will be going through some non-chemical treatment now and will be taking out some sweat to activate the pores.

It’s very important to have timely care and timely action when it comes to your own well-being. Had I known the uniqueness of my skin before the rapid hair fall I would have had much more hair than now. Never delay to act but know yourself before going through a process. Timely health care is key to a healthy lifestyle (including hair care).


Quitting Nicotine

There are so many people in the world who don’t smoke. They think that they are wiser and smokers aren’t aware that they are destroying their lungs and reducing their life span. This isn’t true. Smoker’s are aware that its injurious but they don’t have an alternative to cut out the craving. Addiction to nicotine is similar to addiction to caffeine, your brain and body don’t require it but you still feel inactive without a cup of coffee or tea. Can you quit that? It’s difficult, right?

Nicotine is a drug that hits the nervous tissue and changes the chemical property of the cells such that you crave for more nicotine. It takes days for nicotine to get out of the body and then you also need to change your daily habit which is even more difficult. I have many friends who are smokers who say that they only smoke about 4 to 5 cigarettes per day but as per my observation, it’s at least 6 or 7 and I have counted the sticks burnt only during work hours.

What does smoking do to your mind? Since its effects, the nervous system its highly addictive and the craving becomes more and more with each phase. Its shifts your concentration during a meeting or during something very important and you only think of having some smoke in your lungs. This craving takes off your mood at work or shifts your mood during important moments. Intake of nicotine makes a person short tempered and lazy. This is all as per my experience.

What does smoking do to your body? The tar in the cigarette gets settled in your lungs making your lungs to extract lesser oxygen from the air. It reduces your stamina and you will notice it more if you climb steps at least till one floor, and you will gasp. If you are someone who’s smoking since many years you will gasp heavily, as if you have run a 100-metre race. You won’t notice nicotine patches on your skin until you quit and see the difference after a few weeks. Not all smokers get cancer, heart diseases or lung disorders but they are generally more prone to diseases as they have a lower immune system. There are hair-like cells in our Esophagus which throws away foreign particles outside the stomach. This also helps to take out a cough in the throat easily but smokers find it very difficult as the hair-like cell suspends their action for some time. Smokers fall sick more often than non-smokers.

A Bad Experience on giving up Smoking:

Quitting smoking is something which needs planning. It’s almost impossible to quit smoking from the next day onwards because when you have your lunch tomorrow you will crave for it like a cocaine addict. I had quit smoking in many times and failed like a loser and finally, I quit to quit. After a few months, I heard of nicotine replacement therapy (please search the web for nicotine replacement therapy) and I thought to give it a try and I started chewing gums of pure nicotine, after a few months I realized I was addicted to the gum (but the craving was lesser) and after a few months more I became allergic to it. Isn’t that a very funny part that happened in my life? It wasn’t funny when it happened as it was an event of complete failure and it seemed like a dead end to quit smoking.  I was orally allergic to the gum and there was a chance that my tongue could get swollen and I die of suffocation, this is what the doctor said.

Planning to Quit:

After a few months, I thought of giving one more try and planning it correctly. I searched the internet for the experience of successful quitters and I finally found that quitting at the right time is the most important part and I set the date. I set the date as October 15, which is a hot month in the city of Mumbai and its humidity makes one go nuts. The air doesn’t feel fresh at this time and one doesn’t like to get their lungs heated more, except when they are craving badly. Moreover, I used to have more work at this time and it helped me to get occupied at work and take my mind off the nicotine. I started feeling weak, dizzy, sleepy at first but then after a week, I was all ok with it. I had increased the intake of water. An android application called ‘Quit Now’ helped me motivate to quit smoking. All this was a part of a plan and it didn’t just happen by luck. I required a recipe which contained, the perfect time, weather, a motivator (the android application ‘Quit Now’), and a powerful inner force to say “just one more day” every day. Let me tell you a key factor that helped me quit. I stopped socializing or being with smokers and it helped me to put my mind more on other things.

Friends! Quitting smoking is very tough to achieve and you may fail a lot of times. But it’s not impossible. With proper planning, advice, and dedication its possible. You need only 3 days to take out the physical dependability, 3 days more and you will become more confident, a week more and you may crave a little only due to a change in habit, a week more then you have almost reached quitting the cigarette and then you just need to avoid it and tell yourself that you are not a smoker anymore.

Don’t Quit to Quit. Make yourself ready to Quit the stick. Best of Luck!


My Experiments with Neem

There were boils all over my face. Then I realized that those weren’t small boils but were big fat pimples. Will I have a face full of holes like many people have? A face full of holes like the potholes on road? No, I can’t let that happen! I need to do something!

I was so worried of the pimples on my face that I had almost tried every cosmetic available at the medical store. Then, I went to the doctor and he gave me an ointment that took days for those pimples to go off and then finally leave a dark spot on my face. I was tired of all the experiments that people and those television advertisements gave me. All of it took weeks to start showing visible results. And then finally one day a pimple on my nose burst to leave a big deep hole. Now, this was the time I got terrified I and couldn’t stop thinking about it for days.


Then, one fine day my mother got some neem leaves and told me to take bath with neem immersed in the warm bathing water. I did the same but the result still wasn’t satisfactory. So, I tried an experiment. I brought a lot of neem leaves and ground it and made a paste, applied it on my cheeks and affected areas and left it to dry. I washed it off before going to bed and the itching had totally gone off, but the pimples very still there.

Neem: The Ultimate Herb

Next Day, when I woke up. I felt my face nice and soft and then I went to the bathroom in front if the mirror. There were hardly any pimples left and in about two to three days the traces of pimples had also gone off.

Now, I realized the power of neem and I thought of doing more with it. I referred some posts on the internet and some books and I found the many uses of neem in my day to day life. Let me share some of the things I use neem for and how I use it.

Pimples, Boils, and Skin Irritations – Make a paste of neem leaves and apply on the affected area. Keep it for one hour and wash it off.

Blood Purifying – This requires consumption of neem but not in concentrated form. Take one neem leaf and place it in an empty cup. Now pour boiling hot water. Leave it for a minute or two. Now, the Neem Tea is ready and you can consume it either warm or hot.

Oral Cleansing – Take twigs of the neem tree and chew it from its end. Once you chew it for some time the twigs end will become soft and form like bristles. You can use this bristle to brush your teeth. Note that, when you chew the twig neem juice is released and it kills all the germs and freshens your mouth. People did this in ancient times. I do this on Sundays.