A Six Feet Cobra in my Car

And it is a Skeptical Cobra

The colony where I stay in is more like a forest and snakes are quiet common. But who knew that it will be a Cobra.

On 28 September 2017, my mother called me, ” Gaurav, please go home as soon as possible, there is a cobra in our car. Only you have the keys to open the car.”

“What, it must be a mistake. Ask them the car number. I am in office and I have a lot of work. Please confirm and let me know”

I kept the call. My mother works in an Oil Company and we live in their company’s staff quarters.

“Gaurav, its our car. Please run home. The security saw a snake going towards our car and then became invisible.”

“Oakay Mom, I am sure it will be a garden snake as usual”

I kept the phone and took a direct auto-rickshaw.

I reached my colony and the snake catcher and a security guard was standing near my car. They told me to open the car. I opened the car. The snake catcher checked the car for about 10 minutes, each and every small corner. Then they made me open the hatch and then checked there  Then, finally they made me open the Bonnet and they were checking it for almost 30 minutes before giving up. But, just before closing the bonnet the snake catcher realized that there was a space behind the head lights. He peeped inside and after 2 minutes saw the snakes tail. After a while when he saw its head he confirmed it was a cobra.

It was a hours after which the snake came out of the car. Let’s see the video.

Catching the Snake

Putting the Snake in the Bottle

The snake was safe and was released in the Thane Sanctuary.



An Episode of Discrimination – A Story of 2 Sikhs but Different Castes.

“Caste has Killed Public Spirit. Caste has Destroyed the Sense of Public Charity. Caste has made Public Opinion Impossible. Virtue has become Caste Ridden and Morality has become Caste Bound.” – Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

Discrimination on Caste has its roots in India. Most think that the practice has gone but in reality the practice has been suppressed by the legal machinery. The only difference is that the people don’t follow it actively but the discrimination is very well embossed in their brains. Caste-ism will not end until Indian’s accept that the mythological and the religious texts have been influenced by the selfish mentality of the Aryans who were originally not from the Indian Sub Continent. The acceptance that one comes from a higher hierarchy is is one form caste-ism which eventually considers the one from a lower hierarchy as sub-ordinate. There was one such case in my college hostel back in Goa.

I am changing the name’s of the two Sikhs for protecting their privacy.

It was Guru Nanak Jayanti and Karthik was cleaning his room and his stuff. He never wore a turban but was a Sikh by religion, he was also my batch mate. Most students were planning to go to the Guru Dwara at Panjim, Goa which was just 5 kms away and from IHM-Goa (Our College). The agenda was to pray and pay homage to the Guru Nanak and have Langar in the afternoon.

Till this time I had thought that Karthik was a Hindu-Punjabi but when I saw him in his room cleaning for the occasion and asked him as to why he was doing it, he mentioned it was Guru Nanak Jayanti and being a Sikh this day was important. After I came to know this, I went to my seniors room and saw that he was just about to leave. I asked him, “Sir, aren’t you taking Karthik along even he is a Sikh and you should go together after all how many are there in  the college”. The senior got furious and said, “Don’t compare me with him. He is not the Sikh which I am, he a different type of Sikh. Don’t ever compare me with him and I will never go with him or consider him as one of ours, as he is a different bloodline.”

I felt confused and went to Karthik’s room where my room mate Ganesh was also sitting. I asked Karthik, “Hey, which type of Sikh are you?” and he said, “There is no type in Sikhs, all are just Sikhs”. Then I mentioned what my senior Purab said, “Purab Sir mentioned that you are a different type of Sikh and was very rebellious to not going along with you.” To this Karthik became both sad and angry and uttered tons of Punjabi Style bad words. Then he revealed the bitter truth.

He mentioned that they are Dalits who converted to Sikhism. He mentioned that Dr. Ambedkar had once announced that he might convert to Sikhism and out of joy and rebel the entire village of Dalits converted to Sikhism before Dr. Ambedkar changed his decision to convert to  Buddhism. Sikhism doesn’t have the Varna System but never understood why many people still follow. He also mentioned his episodes of active discrimination on the basis of caste.

After hearing this both me and Ganesh felt bad as we were also from the same Hierarchy.

Even I have witnessed many episodes of Caste Discrimination and that too in a a Metropolitan like Mumbai. So, what would have he witnessed in his home in Punjab.

Caste-ism is bad for both society and the country but many people are blaming reservations for the problem while caste-ism is a one of the prime reasons for poverty of several thousand years in India.

Caste-ism and Reservations are very popular in India. While caste-ism is an attack to stop to development of the majority, Reservations in education and government jobs are given defending the attack by uplifting the neglected society.

It is important to know that the lowest Varna including the tribes are about 67% of the Indian population and were discriminated for 2600 years before Independence by get a reservation of only 49% and still the seats remain empty due to poverty and social evils. The better 33% enjoy 51% reservations and their seats go sold out because all are socially stable.

Photo credit: sakeeb via Foter.com / CC BY


We are too Close to ‘Its too Late!’ – Our Planet is in such a Danger.

Save Earth! Save All of Us! 

EVS or Environmental Studies was a compulsory subject in school as in those days the government thought that it’s important that young people the future of India value the environment and try to save it. However, we bring too many pollutants and very little environment friendly technology.


Is MCGM the only one to be blamed for the floods in Mumbai? Aren’t authorities giving approvals for construction on marshy land? Aren’t we replenishing our society’s soil every year? Aren’t the development boards using too much mechanically broken stone pieces? Isn’t toxic waste guttered out in the Mithi River? Can all of this be Restored? Think about it! I don’t believe in giving scientific details to give you some proof as you all already know it or have observed, I am giving a piece of my  mind.

Photo credit: Abd_Mohrat via Foter.com / CC BY

Mafia’s in metro cities buy the mangrove land at a dirt cheap price rate which is extremely low. As low as Rs 10/- to 100/- per square feet. These gangs help these owners to take off the Mangroves in a year or two whilst releasing toxic waste which harm the mangroves or block water so the plants die. The owner then approaches the authority to take the land out of the Forest Act and they start construction and sell homes at crores of rupees (Rs 1 Crore = Rs 10 Million).

This has to stop!

Air and Water

Photo credit: marinephotobank via Foter.com / CC BY

Don’t you feel that the air quality is degrading and many people are having breathing problems. Cancer may be prevented by reducing the pollutants in air, water and food but people have no choice as one cannot live life without driving a car just for a 200 meter length. People will still release waste in the natural water resources and blame the government for not cleaning it. Stop This! The People elect a representative and the people are the Government, if our representative cannot do that then its our job, Okay!


Not Nuclear because that’s in a very high control. But I would blame the government for taking off a law which was very crucial for the health of the public.

Photo credit: osde8info via Foter.com / CC BY-SA

I was watching  parliament session on TV and the BJP minister tabled a bill saying that mobile radiation shouldn’t be curbed as we have no proof  whether its harming the health and well being and that research cannot be proof. I know now that 2 months after Reliance Jio came with Big Bang. So you changed laws for party funding? Where ever there is a mobile tower there is an increase in Cancer Patients. Isn’t that data enough?

Sound Pollution

Sound Pollution is a very important pollutant which gets ignored. The harm it causes has long term effects and cannot be corrected. My Maternal Grandfather used to work in Air India as an Aircraft Engineer, he was constantly surrounded by noise. He started getting hearing problems at the age of 60. He’s 82 now. Guess the hearing? It’s a scream equal to a whisper.

Photo credit: CJS*64 via Foter.com / CC BY-ND

Thankfully the court gave a judgment restricting decibel levels especially during festivals.

If I have missed out something then please comment below and share a piece of your mind too. We are are the people of our lovely planet and we should save it.

Pollution is not a not a Co-Incidence to the end of the World. It is man made so as is the End of the World.

Save Earth! Save All of Us!

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Don’t renew Office 365 from Microsoft

Amazon Gives a 14% Discount on Office 365 Renewal and Microsoft Doesn’t.

As usual when you go to the primary producer he will always give you the market price and may not give you a discount if you are buying a single product. This doesn’t only happen with the small retail and wholesale shops but also with companies like Microsoft.

One day my Office 365 Personal Expired and I needed to renew it. I clicked renew on the MS Word Renew Pop up and it redirected me to it’s Office 365 renewal page. It said pay INR 3629/- for Personal and INR 4619/- for Home. I was just about to hit the payment button with a compulsory Auto Renewal but I said ‘Wait! Let’ Check Amazon’.

screen shot office 365
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The Night Taj Mahal Hotel Got Attacked

Breaking News!..Taj Mahal Mumbai Gets Attacked

In 2008, I was perusing Hotel Management and was in my Second Year of Bachelors in Hotel Management. I was in Mumbai but at the Taj Lands End, Mumbai another hotel right next to the sea at Bandstand, Bandra, I was on a 6 month training there and I was just 19 years old then.

Taj Lands End, Bandra, Mumbai – Photo credit: smalljude via Foter.com / CC BY

Butler Service the department where we get to serve the VVIP’s, the cream of the society. At 98% occupancy the hotel was running busy and the Mumbai season had just kick started which would have lasted till February. Plans were high and the days were getting busier. I had become the one who did most work until it overflowed to my seniors. Brandy, Whisky, Champagne was served of the highest level and Teacher’s Highland Creme was a Poor Guest’s choice there.

I was doing an afternoon shift on the 26th of November 2008 and we had all planned a party with my trainee colleagues just after the shift. I was refilling water of the guests water goblet while he was watching the Television in the lounge. Suddenly, the guest said ‘Oh my God’ and I looked at the TV, the News Flashed ‘BREAKING! TAJ ATTACKED!’ I stopped pouring, kept the Jug at the nearest Dummy Waiter and looked again it was the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel at Colaba, Mumbai and it wasn’t the Taj Land’s End in Bandra where I was. The Back Area’s of the Butler pantry was empty and I was alone making Hors’d oeuvres. I went back to see the news. It said then ‘Taj Lands End’ was the actual target. There were goosebumps all over and I everyone in the room including guests were speechless. Guests stayed late at lounge as they didn’t want to feel lonely. I left at 11 pm from that the Lounge to get ready and reach home as soon as possible. Entire Mumbai was on Fire as attacks happened in two hotels ,Taj Mahal and the Trident Hilton, Leopold Cafe was attacked and a Taxi was blown midway by a bomb.

I paced my self quickly to reach the gate but the security stopped us and said no one will leave this place until they received orders from the Police. I stayed in the hotel for three days without a proper place to sleep and we all were worried if our hotel gets targeted too and we all would die. But fortunately nothing happened at the Taj Lands End Bandra and we left home on the 29th morning (3rd day) with proper screening and inquiry.

For fifteen days no trainees or contract staff were allowed to enter and there was a re-documentation and screening before which we were allowed to go in the hotel.

From that day the hotel industry in Mumbai changed. Security never got so much importance earlier and a lot of checks are still done by the local police to check whether the police is doing its job.

Many people died that day including Firemen and the security forces.

The Hospitality Industry crashed and hotel companies went into losses. My colleges seniors didn’t get campus placements and getting the job of a waiter itself had become very difficult. But this revived in 2 years but students lost important years of their careers in hospitality.

Photo credit: Christian Haugen via Foter.com / CC BY


Why Religion is Irrelevant in Today’s Society?

Soldiers protect us. Science develops us. Languages connect us and Religion Divides us.

The Concept of God came into human society by the wrong doings of man. It was important that there was a fear of something so that man decides to stay good at all times and the society remains safe and merry. In ancient days there was lack of understanding and the colonies were too remote for people to keep a watch on each other. Many researches say that God was brought in order to bring control over people. You do good you reap good after death and if you do bad you will reap heat after death.

Have you ever had any proof of hell and heaven? Heaven was created so that people stay out of bad practices and were bribed to keep doing good so that you go to heaven (which never ever existed). People fear God to stay brave, so where’s the bravery. I have hardly seen people do good because they just like the good vibes of others blessings. Oh No! Not those blessings.

What is a Pope? A Religious Leader elected with Politics. Does the bible say that he’s the Leader?Long Before, Pope’s brought War in-order to Rule and Religious Laws which were very bad for the society and personal justice. Photo credit: National Library of Ireland on The Commons via Foter.com / No known copyright restrictions

Religion should ideally be different than the concept of God. It exists in the same way as a law is attached to religion; consider Sharia as an example. The God is same in Judaism, Islam and Christianity but the messengers are different yet there’s so much hate over religion. Religion is a way which people practice to get their life crafted. Like you should never speak lies, never hurt anyone, help people, have good thoughts, be good and speak nice to people and calm the anger and so on. But when you add God, what is added is fear of the religion which which makes people follow it out of fear but what goes missing in the process is the crafting of our behavior, thought and mentality. For example a friend of mine attended church every Sunday, he drank whisky everyday and spoke dirty bad words to people he hated. He attended church not because he wanted to bring religious practice but because he wanted to show that he was a nice man who attended church every Sunday or may be he feared god after a Sunday morning hangover.

Christianity, Islam and and Judaism have the concept of one god, their messengers are different but what makes these Almighty controlled religions is their religious laws which came from the culture it originated from. Islam says don’t drink or touch alcohol and the rest say drink wine. Islam says you can have multiple wives but in the rest you can have only one. In Hindu religion there is no concept of divorce (if you go according to the texts) and the marriage is not a contract by a union of 2 people of opposite sex, but Islam, Christianity, Judaism have the concept of divorce and consider marriage as a contract. There are religious differences because religious laws including the so called personal laws exist.

People still follow Sharia and consider it greater than the state law. People still follow Manusmruti and Purushsutra which created a divide among different castes in the hindu religion. People confess their crimes to the church’s father thinking that that corrects their wrong doing. Please stop following the religious laws and believing in fake Gods and messengers, practice the religion not its laws. Bring good in the society, not out of Fear but out of your own Good.

Remember! Soldiers protect us. Science develops us. Languages connect us and Religion Divides us. God Feared Religion is unhealthy to the society and hence Irrelevant.

(The above written article is my own view and no person should feel bad as I am not pointing any religion but writing about religion in general)

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