A Six Feet Cobra in my Car

The colony where I stay in is more like a forest and snakes are quiet common. But who knew that it will be a Cobra.

On 28 September 2017, my mother called me, ” Gaurav, please go home as soon as possible, there is a cobra in our car. Only you have the keys to open the car.”

“What, it must be a mistake. Ask them the car number. I am in office and I have a lot of work. Please confirm and let me know”

I kept the call. My mother works in an Oil Company and we live in their company’s staff quarters.

“Gaurav, its our car. Please run home. The security saw a snake going towards our car and then became invisible.”

“Oakay Mom, I am sure it will be a garden snake as usual”

I kept the phone and took a direct auto-rickshaw.

I reached my colony and the snake catcher and a security guard was standing near my car. They told me to open the car. I opened the car. The snake catcher checked the car for about 10 minutes, each and every small corner. Then they made me open the hatch and then checked there  Then, finally they made me open the Bonnet and they were checking it for almost 30 minutes before giving up. But, just before closing the bonnet the snake catcher realized that there was a space behind the head lights. He peeped inside and after 2 minutes saw the snakes tail. After a while when he saw its head he confirmed it was a cobra.

It was a hours after which the snake came out of the car. Let’s see the video.

Catching the Snake

Putting the Snake in the Bottle

The snake was safe and was released in the Thane Sanctuary.



4 thoughts on “A Six Feet Cobra in my Car”

  1. Glad all the way around the situation, someone seeing it go into your vehicle, the snake was safely captured, and that the snake was released to a sanctuary. Scary start, happy ending!

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