Don’t renew Office 365 from Microsoft

As usual when you go to the primary producer he will always give you the market price and may not give you a discount if you are buying a single product. This doesn’t only happen with the small retail and wholesale shops but also with companies like Microsoft.

One day my Office 365 Personal Expired and I needed to renew it. I clicked renew on the MS Word Renew Pop up and it redirected me to it’s Office 365 renewal page. It said pay INR 3629/- for Personal and INR 4619/- for Home. I was just about to hit the payment button with a compulsory Auto Renewal but I said ‘Wait! Let’ Check Amazon’.

screen shot office 365
Don’t buy this ever as you will end up paying INR 500/- ( USD 12/- approx) more. 
Look! I just saved 14% on the value. A Rs 510/- Discount is something only can give.

Guess what I found? A flat 14% discount on the product. But, I will receive it in the form of a product key so I will need to wait for a day. That’s Alright, there’s no Rush. I recommend that instead of doing an instant renewal one can just buy the product key on Amazon at a 14% discount and then enter the product key in the renewal section and just finally renew. It’s that simple. So Buy The Product Key  Just Right Now and you can use it any time in future or gift it to your friend who has just started his business.

To Buy or Gift Microsoft Office 365 Personal / Home Just CLICK HERE.


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