‘Not Without My Daughter’ (by Betty Mahmoody) – Book Review

An American Mother’s fight to escape to US. But she wont do that without her daughter.

‘Not Without My Daughter’ or ‘NWMD’ was written by Mrs. Betty Mahmoody along with some assistance from Mr. William Hoffer. This book is not a Fiction but is an Autobiography on a life’s phase of Betty Mahmoody. It’s a real incident and there is an English movie on this book with the same title, but the movie has skipped many important parts.

Many people like fiction, I like it too. But this book tough being an autobiography has got the energy and taste of fiction novels as the writing is so interesting, emotional and well written. Its written straight from the heart.

NWMD is about how Betty Mahmoody was cheated by her husband to live forcefully in Iran and how she was tortured and how she got stuck in the over-religious place for the sake of her daughter. Betty swore that she will leave Iran only with her Daughter and hence the title – ‘Not Without My Daughter.’

The book will take you through the life of Betty Mahmoody in Iran along with her Daughter (Mahtob), Husband (Moody) and Husbands relatives. It will also show you the life of Iranian women and how ridiculously the government supported extreme religious laws against women.

Everyone should read this book, especially women and among them mothers and teenaged daughters.

I recommend this book to every parent and their sons and daughters. I am giving below links to buy the book. Do buy them and let me know the reviews in the comments.

You may buy this wonderful book on Amazon: Not Without My Daughter

Or on Flipkart: Not Without My Daughter

Don’t wait! Click the above links and buy the book.



Author: Gaurav. G

An Airline Professional cum Hotelier who likes blogging, writing and bringing awareness.

4 thoughts on “‘Not Without My Daughter’ (by Betty Mahmoody) – Book Review”

  1. I remember the book, there was a lot talked about it and was there not even made a movie made based on the story? The really shocking thing is that it is written based on a true story

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