The Un-Official Breakup

Have you ever lost your love without a fight or misunderstanding because of a third person in your relationship? I am sure not because there has to be a reason, it may be selfish gains or long distance (known).

In 2006, mobile phones had just started getting the market and not all of us had them. Many had them and many not, it was an equal split of non-mobile users and mobile users, at least for teenagers at that time. Wondering why I am speaking about mobile phones? That’s because it’s also an important character apart from me and Priya (name changed because she may be married). I didn’t have a hand phone while Priya had it.

Priya was the most beautiful girl among all the girls in my tuition. I was 17 years old and I could not help see the diamond amongst all the coal in the mine. Priya was just the girl I wanted. She spoke English Fluently, was Studious, Intelligent, and most importantly she was Bold and Confident. I had a crush on her within the first one month of my tuition and that was because of her smile, speech and all the things apart from the beauty. I missed something, she was Naughty too; she would propose young guys like me wait for our blush and then say that she was just joking and wasn’t serious. So Naughty! I like Her!

There was a lot of competition as the hunt was the only beautiful female in a class with a majority of boys and all Virgin. Vivek (Name changed as he’s married too but not with Priya) was after Priya he had proposed her on a busy street with a rose. This happened in front of me and my heart slowed down then she said ‘yes’ and Vivek blushed and my heart stopped, and just before I was about to Die she laughed and said she was just joking and Friend Zoned him.

I managed to become her closest friend and I was successful. I never planned it. It just happened. We took walks on an empty street and talked stuff about the day just after tuition. While I knew I can say it I was worried that I would lose Priya’s trust or she might say yes and then make a fool of me. I had become a man without balls for that specific period of time.  But, I had to say it because it was February 2007 and tuitions was to end at the end of the month.

Till all this time I never had a mobile phone because my parents didn’t give me one. I never saved her contact number because I thought that’s too much, and that was the general norm of that time.

Tuition Ended..! And Priya handed me a note with her mobile number and drew a love sign. She didn’t speak later that day and I thought I could speak to her about my feelings the next day in the free time as we were all busy with studying for exams. I tried initiating a talk but she said, not today.

Next Day, I called Priya from my homes landline on her mobile number her dad picked up. I got scared and shut the call. Why did I call so early, it was 7 in the morning? Of course, her dad will pick up the phone. I shouldn’t have shut the call as her dad may have got a hint that I was hitting her. I called back in the afternoon, her dad picked up, I spoke and said I wanted to speak to Priya regarding some notes, he answered that I should speak to him and not her, I got scared and I shut the phone. I called that evening, the number was switched off and it never got switched on again after that day.

I didn’t know her house, nor her street. All I knew that she stayed in Nehru Nagar a big colony in Kurla East in Central Mumbai. After exams, I searched for her and gave up after a couple of days and left my relationship on Luck. One year passed without Priya. I was studying in Goa and her in Mumbai.  But then I came back for my summer holidays.

When I came back for my summer holidays and I happened to meet Priya on a Passenger Bus. When I met her her stop just arrived and she asked me my number. I didn’t have a mobile phone. She told me her new number and I didn’t have pen and paper. I kept repeating the number so that I don’t forget it. But when I reached home and dialed the number from the landline, I realized that number got changed when I kept repeating it.

I lost Priya the second time. 10 years have passed and there’s no sign of Priya.

Why I lost Priya? Because I didn’t have a cellphone.

Photo credit: mitchell haindfield via / CC BY


8 thoughts on “The Un-Official Breakup”

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  2. In life ther are relationships which are true and very close but these realtionships have no names neither any future…… too had one of them.

    Hard Luck 🙂

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