Casual Fridays Changed My Mood

I had been wearing uniform since my school days until graduation. I did graduation in hotel management and I had 4 different types of uniforms. I never got a chance to wear casuals at the college or at work. Even after I graduated from college I worked in a hotel where they had their own inform.

For 23 years the uniform was on me almost every day, that’s 2 years in Kinder Garten, 10 years at the school. 5 years in college and 6 years of work in a hotel. Proper grooming and a well-ironed uniform were my days start. I badly needed a break from everyday shaving, hair combing, ironing the unfashioned clothes which I didn’t feel like wearing and last but not the least polishing my black leather shoes every day.

I always thought that in my normal clothes (not the uniform) I am much more thoughtful and energetic and I can be more productive at work provided I can work in smart casual wear. I had discussed this with the hotel management a few times but it never came by as the management couldn’t accept because the uniform is part of the hotels status and anything apart from the uniform is just anti-hotelier attitude and disrespect for the work culture. I could understand why my suggestion was refused and I already knew it because it’s the way a certain industry has to function, one cannot break the core rules of business just for a once in a week casual wear.

After 6 years of work in 5 star Deluxe hotels as a Revenue Anayst, I finally said good bye to the boring uniforms and joined an International Airline Company as an Assistant Manager in Optimisation and Pricing. Here, I still had to wear formals but I had my choice of colour and style, I got away with the tie, the daily shaving and much more. Days started becoming happier and finally my company gave us the freedom to wear smart casuals every Friday. This was like a cherry on the cake for me and inside I was at joy, a lot of joy.

Let me tell you my experience on the attire. Daily uniforms always took off my mood to work and I never saw my self as a free man. I wanted freedom of attire in order to produce better but I had to work like a young bull who is tied with a rope so it never goes off the boundry. When I left hotels, I wore formals but after a few days of work there I again had the same feeling it had just got lesser. But when Casual Fridays happened, I realised that the thought that I can produce better in smart casuals wa actually correct. On Fridays there used to be a hell lot of work and almost everyone from my team worked like a race horse in front of the computer all day and then leave late. But after Casual Fridays everyone talks to each other and leave early and work became well planned and well organised. People had the mood the work including myself.

Casuals have changed my long Fridays to organised Fridays, plus it gives a boost to plannng and organising stuff. Its a very small thing but it changes the mind in such a manner that the mind becomes more productive and there is an additional energy to work. I hope in Future every company will give their employees a little space to dress up casually and make them happy inclluding themelves when they see the companys growth.

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Author: Gaurav. G

An Airline Professional cum Hotelier who likes blogging, writing and bringing awareness.

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