The Dog who chose to Bite

I have been bitten by dogs twice, a household and a street dog who possibly had rabies. But this is not a story of those dogs but of a dog who was so nice and healthy. The dog may be too old by now or even dead as this story is about 7 years old.

I was in Goa doing my graduation and I had a rented apartment with some of my friends from college. There was a teenage dog I used to see who used to come towards people and wiggle his tail and make cute dog sounds just like a baby. He used to follow people and had some human friends, I wasn’t one of them. I used to watch him from our apartment’s window and he used to play around the whole day. Playing with dogs, playing with human kids and not barking to scare people, he was such a dog. He deserved all the care and kindness as he was so nice.

One day, he wiggled his tail in front of some unknown people. They were laughing and seemed bad at heart and yes one of them kicked the poor dog on the stomach, It was so bad that even I got goose bumps. Just how did he survive? He still remained nice.

Then one fine day, I saw his leg broken. And for a few days I observed that some unknown passerby used to hit the dog with sticks and stones and even kick it. Once, the dog received a bamboo hit whose noise was loud and clear even 100 meters away. The dog survived.

There were many such instances where he was beaten and many times I saw him injured. Very few people helped. And then later there was no help as this dog is always injured.

I finished college in in the summers and I had to go home and while leaving the dog wiggled its tail in front of me, but then I was who didn’t like animal contact (but was human at heart) but I felt for it. He was strong. But how much, he was still injured and couldn’t walk properly.

I came back for an examination in Goa and thought of going to Bappa’s place which was just behind the old apartment. I saw the very same dog, this time I called him and he didn’t wiggle his tail but barked…the bark was as bad as a Lion’s roar. The waiter came outside and said ‘Ye Kutta kat-ta hai iske nadi mat lago’ (This dog bites don’t play with it). Such a change…people just knew that the dog bites. But I could imagine the circumstances he must have gone through. He was scared of humans. The very same humans who he loved but in return, he got injuries, kicks, and hate.

I can compare the dog with the fog. Pure water ready to make the air watery and awesome. But when the very Fog gets in contact with poisonous gases and smokes it becomes a Smog which is more deadly. Poor Foggy!


Photo Credits : Marek Prygiel


Author: Gaurav. G

An Airline Professional cum Hotelier who likes blogging, writing and bringing awareness.

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