Peace (Sun & Leaf) 

The theory goes as such, 

The leaf’s shine was such, 

Like the shine of the sun, 

But under the Earth. 

Wisdom and knowledge is eternal, 

So is the shine of the Sun, 

That is all they say, 

But I know that’s all False. 

Layed beneath, 

Layed Above, 

Layed Parallel, 

Layed None. 

False is history, 

False is Eternity, 

False is All, 

Truth is Peace. 

Peace of Eternity, or, 

Pieces of Gold, 

Gold for Peace, or, 

Purely Peace. 

We must choose, 

Is not a choice, 

But a diversion of Mind, 

Or to the Might. 

Rythms of Happiness, 

Rythms of Sadness, 

But Ryhms of Nothingness, 

Are Rythms of Peace.