India’s GodFather : Poetry on Dr. Ambedkar 

In An Age, 

Not Entitled to Wealth, 

You Stood Tough, 

And studied hard. 

When Gods gave up, 

And Disliked you, 

You stood still, 

And studied hard. 

When your studies, 

Made good light, 

You denied Wealth, 

To Show Right Path. 

When you went Afar, 

Your Law Stood Still, 


Making India Proud. 

You are an Avid, 

For Everything Scholar, 

Everything Social, 

Babasaheb you will always be India’s God Father. 



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  1. All the leaders of India had there hand on setting constitution… Dr. Amebkar doubt was one of finest leader we could ever have!!


    1. Gaurav. G says:

      The Draft constitution was made by Ambedkar himself.. There was a debate for two months amongst all leaders im the assembly which lead to three amendments.. So others contributed to three amendments only…

      I m an LLB, DLL. That’s why i know this.

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      1. Great!!! Thnku for sharing!

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  2. calmkate says:

    I don’t know this man … I always think of Ghandi-ji being the father of India.


    1. Gaurav. G says:

      This man single handedly wrote India’s constitution

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      1. calmkate says:

        Sorry for my ignorance

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