Who’s Zeus? Jolt is Our’s

Zeus the Greek God, King of all Gods and the God of Thunder. We all have learned since childhood that Zeus is the most powerful of all. He controls thunder and lightning. But have we realized that we have the capacity to harness the same energy and use it in whatever way we want.

There are many theories that the stories are an exaggeration of real stories or are completely fictional and made for understanding different realities of life. While studying for my Bachelor of Laws I learnt from some book on governance that Gods were created by the ruler’s to keep a control over the society as it was quite difficult for all to follow good deeds in their day to day life and the only way of doing so was to bring some fear and the false rumor that you are being watched. I agree with this theory as it worked in many ways to keep us away from doing wrong things.

The question is were Gods normal human beings or are just a false story. I would say its totally false. We human’s today have become so advanced that we are going to run human trials for a head transplant by the end of 2017 that’s similar to Lord Ganesha’s head transplant many millenniums ago. We also possess the power of thunder aka electricity which we use it in our day to day lives.

So Zeus may have been assumed to jolt people and gods but in today’s reality, we have almost total control over the jolt. We use that jolt as a weapon (electrocuted), a life giver in the case of a cardiac arrest, for luxuries like television and radio. Moreover, we hold that jolt every day in our hands inside our mobile phones. We harness the jolt not from heaven, but from streams, winds, oil and so on.

We are not God’s or Demi-Gods. We are Human’s and we have harnessed and used almost everything what religious myths talked about. Just think of Zeus’s Thunder, Ravan’s Viman in Ramayan, Demeter, and any God you think of whom we possess similar powers. So are we God’s? No is the answer.

We are Human’s who can possess the power of knowledge and we can make and control anything we want. Proudly! I am a Human.



Author: Gaurav. G

An Airline Professional cum Hotelier who likes blogging, writing and bringing awareness.

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