Timely Hair Care

I am one of those unluckiest people who start losing their hair at a very young age, the cause being that it’s hereditary. Now, what can a person do when the hair fall is a male pattern hair-fall.

There are many therapies available guaranteeing you hair growth.I would say don’t believe in it completely. The first time I learned about this hair fall was when I was 21. That’s too early right and the doctor prescribed me some minoxidil solution and some medicines. Slowly I learned that the medicine was only preventing hair loss. Then I searched the internet and found that it’s a drug which slowly activates that hair growing cells and slows down scalp aging.  Moreover, I can’t stop it as to maintain that hair I will need to keep using it, so that becomes a lifetime affair. So, I stopped taking it further.

Now, someone told me to apply an ayurvedic oil, so I tried it and then slowly learned that I lose more hair when I apply oil. Then, I didn’t apply oil for a month and then there was rapid hair fall again, then I realized that there was a lack of nourishment and again I applied oil once and the hair fall stopped (and dandruff too.) With this, I didn’t know what to do further and applied oil only when I got dandruff and rapid hair fall. Think, yourself, I was still losing hair in the process and I couldn’t trust the money-greedy doctors.

One day, my mom told me that people in Kerala never kept oil on their head. I questioned my mom that they are people who apply coconut oil every day and their hair is silky smooth and so many. My mom answered me that they apply oil every morning before bath and wash them which gives nourishment to the head and doesn’t keep the unnecessary oil on the head. After this, I did the same what people from Kerala do and I found that its result was very fast and amazing. Well, it didn’t bring back my hair but I was able to maintain what I have.

Now, I have the same amount of hair on my head and extremely minimum hair fall (almost negligible). I will be going through some non-chemical treatment now and will be taking out some sweat to activate the pores.

It’s very important to have timely care and timely action when it comes to your own well-being. Had I known the uniqueness of my skin before the rapid hair fall I would have had much more hair than now. Never delay to act but know yourself before going through a process. Timely health care is key to a healthy lifestyle (including hair care).



Author: Gaurav. G

An Airline Professional cum Hotelier who likes blogging, writing and bringing awareness.

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