The Bully at School

All schools have bullies and I had one just behind my back. He hated me to the core and I was frightened of him. I had never known the reason why some people target someone just to satisfy their ego.

Well I don’t want to take is the name but he was a Sardar who wore a Turban. I don’t think he ever deserved the turban by the way he thinks of other people. This Sardar was in my tuition, in my school, and in my school too. So the only place left was my house and the streets. He was that bully who used to use physical force on people and used to feel good about it.

Sardar had once told me that he hated Maharashtrian’s to the core and couldn’t see me in a better lifestyle and to add to his ego, I was also an Ambedkerite. I think these teaching comes from his family and not from him. There are many incidents with him, on bursting ego, to teasing him and he losing a final fight.

The first time the fight got upgraded to a kill -kill affair was when I gave a denim dress to the tuition teacher’s granddaughter ‘Rachel’ on her Birthday. The teacher said that this was the best gift she had recieved, this was because denim’s were quite expensive in 1990’s and quite rare to come in the form of a dress in India. Sardar got furious with the two words ‘Best Gift’ and started arguing with the teacher. He sad to the teacher that I boy is from a poor family and he must have stolen it from someone and a big fight broken between me and him. This was the beginning of the world war which will now last for a few years.

Now, Sardar was also on my school bus and he used to bully me in the bus with comments and then used to follow me and provoke me to fight. We fought many times on the street which had dirty gutters until I pushed him in a gutter once.

After being bullied many times I had finally given up on fighting back and he started bullying me more. Now I wondered what will keep him away from me. So, I thought of giving up on verbal arguments which for some time will please him that he had won.

Finally, after a lot of bullying the silence before the storm was over. I caught his turban and took it off, kicked him on his stomach with all my strength, then sat on his chest and started beating him. When my stop arrived I ran home out of the realization that he will beat me to death.

Next Day, his mom spoke to the bus owner and complained about me and all my friends took my side and declared him a trouble maker. This made his mom furious and she fought with the bus owner and swore never to send her son to the school bus and finally I was pleased with the bully free school life.



Author: Gaurav. G

An Airline Professional cum Hotelier who likes blogging, writing and bringing awareness.

4 thoughts on “The Bully at School”

  1. A lot of my students are bullied; a lot of my students bully. It’s a learned behavior, and I think most do it to look powerful among their peers. It’s a little tragic for everyone: the victim’s life is hell, and the bully — think of what kind of life he must life that such behavior can bring him any joy at all…

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