Marry Later!


“What’s with this generation? Why do they marry so late and even if they marry have kids much later? In our generation, we had kids at 18 and our wives became pregnant at 16.”

“Dad, there are so many problems in my life. I am 21 and I don’t have a decent job that pays me well.”

“Son, 21 is the age when you should ideally leave the house or get yourself a wife who can take care of me too. She will always be your companion and make food for you. After all, you have a job which is better than me.”

“I know that dad, but marrying so early means slowing down the growth of my financial future.”

“No son, that not the case. Marrying early means securing for yourself a beautiful and young wife.”

“But what’s the point, if I can’t, keep her secure, my children, secure.”

“You are a strong man. I am sure you can handle two men.”

“Dad I am not talking about beating goons. I am talking about creating a base for a financial future.”

“You can earn after marriage too”

“Yes I can, but it may slow down my pace as I will be burdened by family responsibilities.”

“But you need to become a father.”

“Dad, I don’t have children yet but I have already started taking responsibilities of a father.”

“What are you saying? Do one thing, give me an explanation of your decision and I will correct you later.”

“Alright! So, married at 18 and had me within 10 months.”


“We still stay in a rented house while you are still doing the same job year on year. Tell me why?”

“Why!! you ask me why! I stayed in this place so you can stay in the same school and you don’t have to go through the hassle of changing schools. We weren’t comfortable with you changing the school. Moreover, this is the place where my ancestors stayed.”

“So what did you do for me dad. Mom died because we didn’t have money.”

“No son, your mother died because of fever and she died on the way to the hospital because the fever reached its tip.”

“You forgot to mention that the hospital was far away.”

“So what, no one built a hospital here.”

“You couldn’t buy a house of your own. Your father left his house to you and your brothers and the share was too low for you to buy a house. Why couldn’t you buy a new house then?”

“You school fees, the rent, your mother’s medical treatment, your higher studies, all this took away all of my earnings.”

“That’s the reason, Dad. You didn’t have a house, yet you married. You were not financially secure yet you brought me into this world. If you would have saved for some years and bore me a few years later life would have been so different. Mother’s life would have been of fewer hardships. Just tell me, dad, what did you achieve with marrying early? Tell me!

Son continued, “I have these plans in mind. Before I marry I should own a house in a good locality which has everything from school to the hospital. Before I bore children I have enough savings and a good job that pays me well, so, I can take care of you, my future wife and my child and save my extra money on a retirement plan that takes care of my medical expenses and pension for future. Let me, Dad, am I wrong. Should I marry now and bore a child before I am financially secure and put your life, my life, my future wife’s life and my child’s life in limbo and full of struggle.”

Dad cried and said, “Son, I am glad that you are already thinking like an adult and you are planning a life as a father should. You are right son! You are right in marrying later. Don’t repeat my mistakes.”

Moral: Be financially secure before you marry and before you have children. Else, all your lives will be in struggle and hardships. Marriage and children are big decisions so think wisely before you do it.



Author: Gaurav. G

An Airline Professional cum Hotelier who likes blogging, writing and bringing awareness.

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