Amazing Delhi!

If you are thinking Delhi is just another boring place with just a brief glimpse of India, then you are wrong. I visited Delhi in March 2017 and it was amazing.

I am not a person who goes for Temples, but a person who looks for history and heritage. Delhi gives me more of this. Moreover, this place is famous for its food, I tried it, it’s unique and amazing.

One must have heard many bad things about Delhi, but these kinds of things happen in every city. I would suggest crimes in new places come invited and never happen and you should be careful whichever place it is. People in Delhi are of all kinds and you cannot call all of them arrogant, you might meet a few. I found more helpful people in Delhi than the arrogant people (but I did find it, doesn’t happen often in Mumbai).

Delhi is a place where all Indian’s should visit. India! I would rather recommend it to the World.

After visiting Agra we came to Delhi for a 2-day trip. One day dedicated for sightseeing, and the other for shopping.

On the first day, we covered the following sights;

  • Qutub Minar and Iron Pillar
  • India Gate
  • Rashtrapati Bhavan
  • Parliament of India
  • Sarojini Market
  • Lotus Temple
  • Lal Quila (Red Fort), here we saw the light show at 7 pm.

Qutub Minar :

India Gate :

Lotus Temple :

Lal Quila (Red Fort) along with Video of Electric Car Ride

On the second day, we visited Chandni Chowk and toured and shopped inside it the whole day. There are wholesale markets of every kind inside Chandni Chowk. We brought Punjabi Suits starting INR 250/- to 950/- where in Mumbai the same are priced at around INR 900/- to 2500/-, you see the difference here. Apart from this, there are options of chat everywhere, do have Pani puri, Dahi Puri and also visit the Haldiram’s outlet.

Recommended Places for Foodies:

  • Karim’s (at Jama Masjid)
  • Kake Da Dhaba (at Connaught Place)
  • Chandni Chowk.

For Delhi Tourism Website, click here.

Get detailed information on Lonely Planet, click here.



Attendance List (Detain List)

At IHM Goa, attendance is a big issue and one will only realize when the days are near. The below was written sometime around March 2010. I will like to share this poem of mine with Divyesh Kamble as he would have felt the same (mostly) however the copyright belongs to me. Here’s a piece of my mind then.

From Days to Weeks,

Was a rest itself,

I will attend next day,

I said always.


In that time,

I did nothing myself,

Soared in attendance,

And Cursed Laziness.


In due Time,

In years end,

I realized,

My attendance cursed himself.


Where’s the list?

I asked myself,

Behind are 16,

and I 17th.


Due to attendance,

I lost my pride,

Swallowed my thoughts,

And kept it aside.


-Written By Gaurav Gangurde

(The above poetry is a copyright of the writer and use of this poetry can be carried on only with permission. However, the use of the above matter can be done for the purpose of education without a permission but the user should give credit to the writer at all times.)

India’s GodFather : Poetry on Dr. Ambedkar 

In An Age, 

Not Entitled to Wealth, 

You Stood Tough, 

And studied hard. 

When Gods gave up, 

And Disliked you, 

You stood still, 

And studied hard. 

When your studies, 

Made good light, 

You denied Wealth, 

To Show Right Path. 

When you went Afar, 

Your Law Stood Still, 


Making India Proud. 

You are an Avid, 

For Everything Scholar, 

Everything Social, 

Babasaheb you will always be India’s God Father. 


Who’s Zeus? Jolt is Our’s

Zeus the Greek God, King of all Gods and the God of Thunder. We all have learned since childhood that Zeus is the most powerful of all. He controls thunder and lightning. But have we realized that we have the capacity to harness the same energy and use it in whatever way we want.

There are many theories that the stories are an exaggeration of real stories or are completely fictional and made for understanding different realities of life. While studying for my Bachelor of Laws I learnt from some book on governance that Gods were created by the ruler’s to keep a control over the society as it was quite difficult for all to follow good deeds in their day to day life and the only way of doing so was to bring some fear and the false rumor that you are being watched. I agree with this theory as it worked in many ways to keep us away from doing wrong things.

The question is were Gods normal human beings or are just a false story. I would say its totally false. We human’s today have become so advanced that we are going to run human trials for a head transplant by the end of 2017 that’s similar to Lord Ganesha’s head transplant many millenniums ago. We also possess the power of thunder aka electricity which we use it in our day to day lives.

So Zeus may have been assumed to jolt people and gods but in today’s reality, we have almost total control over the jolt. We use that jolt as a weapon (electrocuted), a life giver in the case of a cardiac arrest, for luxuries like television and radio. Moreover, we hold that jolt every day in our hands inside our mobile phones. We harness the jolt not from heaven, but from streams, winds, oil and so on.

We are not God’s or Demi-Gods. We are Human’s and we have harnessed and used almost everything what religious myths talked about. Just think of Zeus’s Thunder, Ravan’s Viman in Ramayan, Demeter, and any God you think of whom we possess similar powers. So are we God’s? No is the answer.

We are Human’s who can possess the power of knowledge and we can make and control anything we want. Proudly! I am a Human.


Climbing The Stairs

I was becoming fat day by day, and there was no exercise in my Office Style Hospitality Work. I was working in a  5-star hotel but in an office sitting all day deciding the price of a room. There used to be a whole 5-star buffet spread in Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner for all employees which added to my fat much more. If I chose Salad, I would choose a continental salad and add a lot of dressing and if I chose the main course it will be a non-vegetarian one with a lot of fat and to add to that a sweet dish or a dessert.

I was fluffing day after day and with the mental pressure at work and those late working hours it was nearly impossible for me to exercise for an hour and I used to come home relax, freshen up and sleep. In the hotel industry, the operations people like the bell boys, waiters, housekeepers and so on have a lot of physical work. When there is someone who sits whole day they have a lot of mental pressure and only a person who has experienced this will understand that. I do.

So, walking was on my agenda. I walked 3 kilometers from office daily but it made no difference. 3 kilometers were a piece of cake and the fat burned was just its cherry. So, I starting talking advice from many people and the diet option was always ignored by me because I can’t be only on raw vegetables all day. I didn’t want to reduce my food I wanted to reduce my fat through exercise.

One day my Mom asked our neighbor about her achievements on weight loss as she had reduced a lot of weight. She said never walk on the street just like that as you walk parallel to the ground and the result is minimal. She said that she used to climb up the stairs 3 times daily and saved a lot of time. This was it and my mom made me climb the stairs.

Climbing once was really tiring and I was gasping like I would die. A few days after I came to two times a day and I repeated this and I lost 4 kilograms in a month. I didn’t continue this as I am a very lazy person but yes climbing the stairs 4 floors up and down each day twice worked for me and it only took 5 to 10 minutes.

I recommend this to everyone as climbing stairs require more than double the energy if compared to walking. In your day to day life, skip the elevator and climb the stairs as it will bring some good to your health like burning fats, good heartbeat or just getting used to climbing the stairs without gasping.

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Photo credit: Matt From London via / CC BY


Timely Hair Care

I am one of those unluckiest people who start losing their hair at a very young age, the cause being that it’s hereditary. Now, what can a person do when the hair fall is a male pattern hair-fall.

There are many therapies available guaranteeing you hair growth.I would say don’t believe in it completely. The first time I learned about this hair fall was when I was 21. That’s too early right and the doctor prescribed me some minoxidil solution and some medicines. Slowly I learned that the medicine was only preventing hair loss. Then I searched the internet and found that it’s a drug which slowly activates that hair growing cells and slows down scalp aging.  Moreover, I can’t stop it as to maintain that hair I will need to keep using it, so that becomes a lifetime affair. So, I stopped taking it further.

Now, someone told me to apply an ayurvedic oil, so I tried it and then slowly learned that I lose more hair when I apply oil. Then, I didn’t apply oil for a month and then there was rapid hair fall again, then I realized that there was a lack of nourishment and again I applied oil once and the hair fall stopped (and dandruff too.) With this, I didn’t know what to do further and applied oil only when I got dandruff and rapid hair fall. Think, yourself, I was still losing hair in the process and I couldn’t trust the money-greedy doctors.

One day, my mom told me that people in Kerala never kept oil on their head. I questioned my mom that they are people who apply coconut oil every day and their hair is silky smooth and so many. My mom answered me that they apply oil every morning before bath and wash them which gives nourishment to the head and doesn’t keep the unnecessary oil on the head. After this, I did the same what people from Kerala do and I found that its result was very fast and amazing. Well, it didn’t bring back my hair but I was able to maintain what I have.

Now, I have the same amount of hair on my head and extremely minimum hair fall (almost negligible). I will be going through some non-chemical treatment now and will be taking out some sweat to activate the pores.

It’s very important to have timely care and timely action when it comes to your own well-being. Had I known the uniqueness of my skin before the rapid hair fall I would have had much more hair than now. Never delay to act but know yourself before going through a process. Timely health care is key to a healthy lifestyle (including hair care).