Black Out! Of Love

Tarun had always dreamt of Payal. Her eyes, her hair, and her unexplainable magic. He never thought if he will ever be able to talk to her. The only time he spoke was when he met her at a valentines day party meant for college teens. The only fantasy he had was to make a family with her.

Tarun dreamt of her for months and thought of ways to ask her and increase friendship with her, but he didn’t have the guts. He didn’t want a negative answer. And by this time all his friends had given up hope because he was just dreaming day and night of her.

Six whole months passed now and Tarun finally gave up and accepted that he didn’t love her and it was strong infatuation. But his stars were not bad anymore, they were at a point of revival. When he was thinking of giving up while sitting in the Garden, Payal walked up to him from nowhere and asked if he remembers her. With his heart pounding, heavily with the blush of love he said “I remember you….I danced with you.” She didn’t have the company of her friends so she sat beside him. Unknowingly, they both sat till late evening and were enjoying each other’s company. They both realized that they were falling in love.

Tarun couldn’t sleep that night nor could Payal. Next day, they both met again. She laid her head on his chest and he laid his hands on her head, slowly playing with her hair, and then spoke for hours. He knew that its time and he finally proposed her. He feared her answer. But she gave him a long deep hug which gave him his answer that it was a yes.

Years passed. Both their parents knew of their love. They finally got married. Soon, after a year they bore a Son and then after one more year a daughter. Then after many years, they got old and were holding each other’s hands. Soon, there was a strong vibration on Tarun’s cheek and he got up. His friends were trying to wake him up.

Tarun wasn’t sleeping but had fallen in the bathroom. He had smoked-up a bong of strong Cannabis. He had gone to the bathroom to pee, but he had felt the zip coming down very slow and it was too boring. So, he had thought of making dreams of his one-sided love to whom he never spoke. But he didn’t realize that he had entered the third world of Cannabis motivated dream that felt like a reality.

The story above is not complete fiction. It’s based on a real story but not completely true. Tarun Blacked Out in the Bathroom, this is true!!

(The names of the above characters are changed to secure their identity)

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