Law Berg

Ice Melts as it comes towards high temperatures. Similarly, we can picturise our political system as a reducing power. That is not only for India but for all the nations in the world.

The Artic Region is melting because of the increasing heat around it. Strong pillars of ice collapse day by day and give our earth a rising temperature. Similarly, the Indian political pillars are collapsing day by day which is spreading a concern to its public.

If we picturise the past, strong pillars like Dr. Ambedkar, Mahatma Phule,  Gandhi, Pandit Nehru, Sardar Vallabhai Patel were great political leaders and the most important thing was their ethics which became strong pillars of India, one which had lead the freedom struggle and the other who made it stronger than ever.

But today these pillars no longer retain the same strength as before because the values and ethics of the people itself are lost. Paying bribes, black marketing, earning black money, illegal construction and buying of unbilled items have become a common adjustment in people’s lives and they do not know the consequences which may come across in future. Moreover, politicians, police, and government bodies have themselves become a black collar painted with white paint.

No more is the law strict, no more are people conscious and no more have Indians remained Indian with heart. But are forcefully made to hear the national anthem (while some do stand themselves). People still have respect for Mother India but have lost hope in its leaders, its system. People love their constitution but not the ways it is utilized.

If there is no leader how will a country lead itself? From growing crimes to filthy politics is what we hear in the news. If it’s true then the strong pillars will soon collapse in the ocean and it can only be stopped if we stop heating our minds towards wrongs political thoughts.

It is the public which gained freedom. It is the public which can retain it. The public makes a country and the public which decides right and wrong in the country and it is the public which ruins it.

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