Unethical Practices in Hotel Revenue Management

The term revenue management may have been introduced in the 20th century, but the concept is very old. In the olden days, unethical practices were more popular than ethical practices. Creating artificial demand, stockpiling, holding rates via consortium are older practices which are followed till today.

While generally among the masses, such unethical practices are thought to prevail only in the agri-industry, it does exist in many industries including the travel and tourism industry.

Unethical practices in the hotel industry are not followed daily but are rather occasional.

Let’s see the unethical practices followed in the hotel industry.

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Black Out! Of Love

Tarun had always dreamt of Payal. Her eyes, her hair, and her unexplainable magic. He never thought if he will ever be able to talk to her. The only time he spoke was when he met her at a valentines day party meant for college teens. The only fantasy he had was to make a family with her.

Tarun dreamt of her for months and thought of ways to ask her and increase friendship with her, but he didn’t have the guts. He didn’t want a negative answer. And by this time all his friends had given up hope because he was just dreaming day and night of her.

Six whole months passed now and Tarun finally gave up and accepted that he didn’t love her and it was strong infatuation. But his stars were not bad anymore, they were at a point of revival. When he was thinking of giving up while sitting in the Garden, Payal walked up to him from nowhere and asked if he remembers her. With his heart pounding, heavily with the blush of love he said “I remember you….I danced with you.” She didn’t have the company of her friends so she sat beside him. Unknowingly, they both sat till late evening and were enjoying each other’s company. They both realized that they were falling in love.

Tarun couldn’t sleep that night nor could Payal. Next day, they both met again. She laid her head on his chest and he laid his hands on her head, slowly playing with her hair, and then spoke for hours. He knew that its time and he finally proposed her. He feared her answer. But she gave him a long deep hug which gave him his answer that it was a yes.

Years passed. Both their parents knew of their love. They finally got married. Soon, after a year they bore a Son and then after one more year a daughter. Then after many years, they got old and were holding each other’s hands. Soon, there was a strong vibration on Tarun’s cheek and he got up. His friends were trying to wake him up.

Tarun wasn’t sleeping but had fallen in the bathroom. He had smoked-up a bong of strong Cannabis. He had gone to the bathroom to pee, but he had felt the zip coming down very slow and it was too boring. So, he had thought of making dreams of his one-sided love to whom he never spoke. But he didn’t realize that he had entered the third world of Cannabis motivated dream that felt like a reality.

The story above is not complete fiction. It’s based on a real story but not completely true. Tarun Blacked Out in the Bathroom, this is true!!

(The names of the above characters are changed to secure their identity)

Law Berg

Ice Melts as it comes towards high temperatures. Similarly, we can picturise our political system as a reducing power. That is not only for India but for all the nations in the world.

The Artic Region is melting because of the increasing heat around it. Strong pillars of ice collapse day by day and give our earth a rising temperature. Similarly, the Indian political pillars are collapsing day by day which is spreading a concern to its public.

If we picturise the past, strong pillars like Dr. Ambedkar, Mahatma Phule,  Gandhi, Pandit Nehru, Sardar Vallabhai Patel were great political leaders and the most important thing was their ethics which became strong pillars of India, one which had lead the freedom struggle and the other who made it stronger than ever.

But today these pillars no longer retain the same strength as before because the values and ethics of the people itself are lost. Paying bribes, black marketing, earning black money, illegal construction and buying of unbilled items have become a common adjustment in people’s lives and they do not know the consequences which may come across in future. Moreover, politicians, police, and government bodies have themselves become a black collar painted with white paint.

No more is the law strict, no more are people conscious and no more have Indians remained Indian with heart. But are forcefully made to hear the national anthem (while some do stand themselves). People still have respect for Mother India but have lost hope in its leaders, its system. People love their constitution but not the ways it is utilized.

If there is no leader how will a country lead itself? From growing crimes to filthy politics is what we hear in the news. If it’s true then the strong pillars will soon collapse in the ocean and it can only be stopped if we stop heating our minds towards wrongs political thoughts.

It is the public which gained freedom. It is the public which can retain it. The public makes a country and the public which decides right and wrong in the country and it is the public which ruins it.

My Experiments with Neem

There were boils all over my face. Then I realized that those weren’t small boils but were big fat pimples. Will I have a face full of holes like many people have? A face full of holes like the potholes on road? No, I can’t let that happen! I need to do something!

I was so worried of the pimples on my face that I had almost tried every cosmetic available at the medical store. Then, I went to the doctor and he gave me an ointment that took days for those pimples to go off and then finally leave a dark spot on my face. I was tired of all the experiments that people and those television advertisements gave me. All of it took weeks to start showing visible results. And then finally one day a pimple on my nose burst to leave a big deep hole. Now, this was the time I got terrified I and couldn’t stop thinking about it for days.


Then, one fine day my mother got some neem leaves and told me to take bath with neem immersed in the warm bathing water. I did the same but the result still wasn’t satisfactory. So, I tried an experiment. I brought a lot of neem leaves and ground it and made a paste, applied it on my cheeks and affected areas and left it to dry. I washed it off before going to bed and the itching had totally gone off, but the pimples very still there.

Neem: The Ultimate Herb

Next Day, when I woke up. I felt my face nice and soft and then I went to the bathroom in front if the mirror. There were hardly any pimples left and in about two to three days the traces of pimples had also gone off.

Now, I realized the power of neem and I thought of doing more with it. I referred some posts on the internet and some books and I found the many uses of neem in my day to day life. Let me share some of the things I use neem for and how I use it.

Pimples, Boils, and Skin Irritations – Make a paste of neem leaves and apply on the affected area. Keep it for one hour and wash it off.

Blood Purifying – This requires consumption of neem but not in concentrated form. Take one neem leaf and place it in an empty cup. Now pour boiling hot water. Leave it for a minute or two. Now, the Neem Tea is ready and you can consume it either warm or hot.

Oral Cleansing – Take twigs of the neem tree and chew it from its end. Once you chew it for some time the twigs end will become soft and form like bristles. You can use this bristle to brush your teeth. Note that, when you chew the twig neem juice is released and it kills all the germs and freshens your mouth. People did this in ancient times. I do this on Sundays.