State of India..Today!

We all say with pride that India is united and will always be united. I agree with that, but partially. As Indians, we know how united we are. Practically, we see a Hindu hating a Muslim, a Muslim hating Hindu’s, Marathi’s hating Bihari’s and states divided over water.

Are we really united? Ask yourself?


In Mumbai, years ago there was nothing like Hindu, Muslim and Bihari’s but we were all Mumbaikar’s. But see the state now. And this is just because we are following the foot steps of wrong leaders who follow the strategy of divide and rule.

When we walk along the street with our friends some of us would say “Yeh dekh Katve ko!” and “Sale in Bihari ne toh Mumbai ko ganda kar diya hai.” But the reality is that “Humne Mumbai ko ganda kar diya (we have made Mumbai dirty)”. What is this? You want to change the name of Bombay to Mumbai, Madras to Chennai, Calcutta to Kolkata. Aren’t we educated or have common sense that politicians are just playing with our sentiments and not thinking about the welfare of the people. I am not pointing at any leader but I am pointing my finger to all of us, Indians. We should live like a family of Indians and we should think practically. We should vote young leaders and we should think about the fruit of brotherhood.

Though our flags Saffron and Green are separated with a fat white line but they all form one Indian Flag and are together. Similarly, we must let our hearts beat as one and should live like a family of Indians.

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