The Demons

As I passed the gate with my parents for my admission in the college hostel, helping hands had come forward to tell me that they were with me, to support me. I took admission to room number 18 with a third year and with one of my own batch.

At first I was delighted at the truth that I was in one of the best hotel management colleges in the country. But soon I realized that with every good that happens some bad keeps following it.

Ragging!! Yes, ragging was a scenario there. Giving pledges, oaths and anthems which were utterly humorous to hear but insulting to the speaker himself. But as I contributed in these social activities, I became known by seniors and most of the students were known to me.

I never realized in the first month that it was actually a lesson, a training, which had taken place, to learn what life brings along. And I learnt that struggle doesn’t bring success, but success rings a lot of struggle.

You see, i succeeded in getting in one of the elites in the country for which i didn’t struggle hard. But after I got in, I had to struggle, with my college, with seniors and with the colleges arrogant and absurd staff.

Although, I started enjoying life after the first month, I realized in the first of vacations that the enjoyment was just something better than the worst. As the sweet boy next door, I was a bit scared of my humiliation among friends and batch mates. But soon I got used to it and more sooner that elephant size humiliation became as small as an ant.

The humiliation had just got lesser because it used to be more often at first but the seniors interest in taking ragging became less and they became more an advisory counsel than dreadful seniors.

By the title above you must be thinking that I had quoted my seniors as demons. But the fact is that only some seniors were and it doesn’t comprise the whole of it. The staff the warden, the caretaker, the cashier, the principal and some seniors, all comprised as demons in my dictionary.

Yes, my life was surrounded by demons. But to tackle it, I was forced to follow demon hood. Being mean, tit for tat, keeping secrets from others, being sly and rude and friend for fruit was never on my agenda. But as my close friends thought me to live, I tried to live with the new commandments. But soon my heart said to me “I m not like this, I never was, and I never will be. I am a helpful person. I am a transparent glass and not a mirror. I am not sly.” and with these words I left the new religion and followed the old one again.

Many of my closest friends told me that I was too a friendly person and too good to get cheated easily. But I ignored their comments and kept following my old principles and soon seniors which were ride became my friends and as I opened my folded hands to the world, I became friends with many.

I am still confused, that who were actually the demons, my closest friends or the demons themselves. But except for the demons I realized that ‘Evil is the world to who is un-known and brothers are those friends to who is well known.’

– The above was written on 24 January 2008. I was in my First Year in IHM-Goa.

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