How I lost 6 kg in a Week? Without a proper Diet and Exercise.

At 106, it was really a task to use public transport all the way to office or even walk for a short distance. 106 was my weight and it’s not my age. I was 28 years old and 106 kg fat and looked like a Grizzly Bear. For about 4 years I tried reducing my weight with no effort and I achieved to go from 102 in 2014 to 106 in 2017. I had to go downward and not upward and the only thing I had achieved was I didn’t explode but rather controlled the explosion to just make its pace slower and not reverse it.

I was a foodie and I am one, still. Food has always been my best past time and I still don’t need anyone to accompany me when I am eating, I can eat alone. Tea was my favorite and at office I had Bun with Extra Butter Dipped in Tea (my favorite evening snack).

It was such a time that I started fading and I never looked good in any clothing. My body is such that fatness makes me look older. I had to reverse the process but some things are still uncontrollable. I mean….Exercise?…A Diet Program?…No, I can’t do it!

I spoke to my friends and many of my office colleagues about this and a few of them advised me to skip tea  and reduce table sugar intake. Now this was extremely difficult but not impossible.

Skipping Tea. Super Duper Caffeine and Table Sugar Craving and the most difficult part, not having it while craving when your colleague is having it in front of you. 2 Table Spoon Sugar mixed in the Latte but you can’t have it. After 3 days, I asked my self a question. Wasn’t I supposed to crave for coffee?

Junk Food…Skipped! Jalebis…Skipped! Sweets….Skipped! Soft Drinks…Skipped! Starch Intake….Sorry, I need to survive, hence can’t Skip!

7 Days later I checked my self on the weighing scale, it was 100. “6 kg loss…Wow”, was my reaction on seeing the figure. I re-checked on another scale to verify and it really was 100. So I was just adding sugar to maintain my weight all the time. Sugar Intake Should be Controlled. So Let’s Skip Sugar to Reduce Weight.

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