Attendance List (Detain List)

At IHM Goa, attendance is a big issue and one will only realize when the days are near. The below was written sometime around March 2010. I will like to share this poem of mine with Divyesh Kamble as he would have felt the same (mostly) however the copyright belongs to me. Here’s a piece of my mind then.

From Days to Weeks,

Was a rest itself,

I will attend next day,

I said always.


In that time,

I did nothing myself,

Soared in attendance,

And Cursed Laziness.


In due Time,

In years end,

I realized,

My attendance cursed himself.


Where’s the list?

I asked myself,

Behind are 16,

and I 17th.


Due to attendance,

I lost my pride,

Swallowed my thoughts,

And kept it aside.


-Written By Gaurav Gangurde

(The above poetry is a copyright of the writer and use of this poetry can be carried on only with permission. However, the use of the above matter can be done for the purpose of education without a permission but the user should give credit to the writer at all times.)


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