Unraveling Today’s Media

If we see history, it is evident that print media was quite popular and people trusted the journalist’s report. Media was a social machine which brought people together and was a useful tool in social upliftment and mass communication. I have great respect for the journalists till 1960’s. It was only later that profit became more important than the primary objective of giving news and news reports started becoming questionable. While print media was more popular, Television and Radio news also existed during those days.

Now, we are aware of the past and let’s just speak of the current scenario of the media and let’s keep social media out of it for a while. Now, all major media houses are companies and their primary aim is to make a profit out of advertisements. They no longer have that ‘let the truth come out’ motto but have an ‘increase more TRP’ attitude. This is the primary change what has disrupted not only the Indian Media but the world’s media. Most NEWS companies were ‘Standalone’ in the 1960’s but if we see today, most NEWS companies have allied businesses and many big businessmen have a share in it. For instance, Ambani’s own TV18, Times of India has many allied companies including event management companies and channels like Movies Now, Zoom, and so on. Most of these company influencer’s have political favoritism or I must say they are important for business. All media giants seem either booked or controlled directly or indirectly by a political party. This is not my view but this is the experience of the masses and more recently it added a question to the media from the common man ‘Why did you keep the Finance Bill 2017 under Shadows?’

Now, let’s have a look at the Social Media which a few years ago seemed liberal and didn’t seem bias. This is no longer the scenario now. There are Internet sites like ScoopWhoop, BuzzFeed and much more which are news delivering business houses having a large presence on the social media like FaceBook and Twitter. The news from these media sites seems biased to mainly two major political parties (BJP and INC). I said seemed and I am not blaming any party. There are sites who are supporting Gau Rakshaks and there are sites against it. There are sites which deliver news of a Muslim man being killed by so-called ‘Gau Rakshaks’ and at the same time, there are sites which deliver news on ‘Hindu’s being tortured in West Bengal’. What’s up with these Guys? These media agencies don’t deserve the Right to Opinion and its time they stand controlled in terms of religious matters as it will be very difficult to settle down the religious fire in the country which will take many lives and devastate many families economically.

My strong urge to all of you is to stay cautious of the news reported on all mediums and to apply your mind before making an opinion.

My personal thought on all types of NEWS delivering network’s is that they should have the Right to Speech but the Right to Opinion should be controlled as the Opinion itself is a brainwashing tool. I also feel that delivery of certain social news should be questioned by an Audit Agency and incorrect news should be charged by the amount of revenue earned on that particular news. This, in turn, will make news network be more careful and political parties and big businessmen will have less control over it to achieve mala-fide benefit, thus slowly unraveling media from the Political cum Corporate worm.


Photo credit: Foter.com


Author: Gaurav. G

An Airline Professional cum Hotelier who likes blogging, writing and bringing awareness.

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