Divided India!

There’s so much happening in the world. So much development. So much globalization. So many jobs. Yet we have a divided world with different views on religion, race, country of birth and gender.

Our history is full of filth, shit and whatever bad you can call it. Within these 500 years, there were people raising slogans of women empowerment, caste upliftment, diversity, secularism, and so on. But the 21st Century seems like a shift to the exactly opposite social agenda. In India, people are divided socially, in terms of religion, race, and caste. In the USA in terms of Religion and Race. In Gulf, they think Muslim Religion is the best and hate western culture.

Let me give you my experience in my own country, India! I have seen glimpses of Hindu-Muslim riots when I was a kid that is in the 1990’s. Slowly and steadily I experienced people changing towards equality and common faith. I saw India developing socially and I saw a great culture change which goes from a woman’s compulsion to wear saree, slowly changing to a Punjabi suit and then the older generation being okay with them wearing western clothing.

In school, I was thought India as a diverse nation and a struggling nation to bring equality. People were becoming more modern and open minded. But when we reached the 21st century, I started witnessing a decline in the same thoughts. Politicians brain-washing people slowly through continuous irrelevant debates and uprising on religion and caste. Today, Indian people are so divided that almost every Hindu hates Muslims, North Indians hate South Indians, Muslims hateHindus, Dalits still face injustice from not only Hindus but from all religions.

The British had used the formula of Divide and Rule. Our Original Leaders tried to bring an end to this divide. But, today’s leaders want to rule the country with the same formula. The British have gone but their theory of rule still remains with our politicians.

People in India are very talented but it’s of no use as even technology, money, modernization and globalization couldn’t bring us together.

I wish, religion becomes an outlier from every Indian’s life and we could live in harmony and peace.



Author: Gaurav. G

An Airline Professional cum Hotelier who likes blogging, writing and bringing awareness.

8 thoughts on “Divided India!”

  1. I can’t agree more!! In fact , all these divisions are injected into the minds of people by ‘so called leaders’ for their own sake.

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    1. That’s True. But I will blame to the people themselves. If they choose the government, its their responsibility to analyze what the leaders speak and only then decide.


  2. Some people might hate … But the main cause for this division is hypocrisy! …And writers like you .. Like us .. Have to change that mindset of people. Because we are citizens of our country!

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