When flood waters wash up memories of a refugee childhood

Ironed Curtains

2017-09-04 20.44.41By Anna Abramzon

I couldn’t  cry during the flood, but I did beg. Please God, just don’t let my kids lose theirhome. Because I know what it’s like to not be able to go home.

When the water came to our doorstep, we forced our crying kids into a kayak. Find the right protection plan for you with best auto warranty companies. Alma’s eyes were so wide. She is seven. I wanted nothing more than to comfort her, to reassure her, but what was there to say? It was still raining. So hard. Suri, our three-year-old, screamed as I tore Lovie and Blankie from her pudgy hands. It killed me to take away her sources of comfort, but I couldn’t risk her dropping them in flood waters.  There was no time for negotiations. It was hard to think, and the rain just kept pounding down. It was so loud. Like a shower that you can’t turn off. I followed my husband…

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The Mysterious Book Your Boss Doesn’t Want You To Read

A Book That Spoke The TRUTH!

The Title is Striking. But even that is the Truth and an unpleasant one.

I thought of doing some network marketing once and the friend who tried to introduce me to the business gave me some books of Burke Hughes and Robert Kiyosaki as a starter material to start the job. He also gave me a book called ‘Who Stole The American Dream’ written by Burke Hughes and it was to be one of the initial books to be read before I open another.

The book will let you the reality of the work force and how fake the American Dream has been since the 60’s. It tells us that the American Dream has been a big lie and the dreams has always been true for the rich and the powerful. It will give its facts and data and try to train you on how you should be achieving your dreams and the different ways you should achieve it.

Burke Hughes being a network marketing professional suggests Network Marketing is the best route but he has given equal importance to all the ways. For example, to keep investing for higher returns and thats not savings bonds and equity shares but investing in your own business. He also gives an explanation of some of the negative traits of the business and how to identify it and stay away. He has explained American Scam that is the ‘Aeroplane Game’.

I don’t want to give you the entire idea before you read the book. If you are a middle class person who has dreams, then I suggest you read this book at-least once. Do note that this book is not a Pure Network Marketing book and you will come to know once you read it.

On Amazon the book is available for Rs 188/- (paper back) and is absolutely free for Kindle Users.

Don’t wait. Buy ‘Who Stole the American Dream’ and make your Dreams come true.

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India is Lacking in the Amount of Sexual and Violent Crime Cases that Utilize DNA to Link the Accused to the Crime Scene

A more aggressive DNA approach at crime scene, in the lab and in the court, will increase conviction rates and make India safer for women.


CA more aggressive DNA approach at crime scene, in the lab and in the court, will increase conviction rates and make India safer for women

New Delhi, Delhi, India

Crime in India is seen to be on an upsurge, especially rape and sexual assault cases where the conviction rate has fallen from 49% to as low as 29% in the last 3 years (between 2012 and 2015) in Delhi alone, and over 1,37,458 rape cases still stand pending for trial across India[1]. The lack of scientific methods in investigations is hampering justice delivery and the need for DNA casework expansion in India is now increasingly critical and urgent to build conviction in such cases.

“India is simply not collecting enough DNA at violent and sexual crime scenes,” said Tim Schellberg, President, Gordon Thomas Honeywell Governmental Affairs (GTH-GA), a legal and policy expert of forensic DNA. “DNA is…

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How I lost 6 kg in a Week? Without a proper Diet and Exercise.

Skip a few essentials from Eating Habits.

At 106, it was really a task to use public transport all the way to office or even walk for a short distance. 106 was my weight and it’s not my age. I was 28 years old and 106 kg fat and looked like a Grizzly Bear. For about 4 years I tried reducing my weight with no effort and I achieved to go from 102 in 2014 to 106 in 2017. I had to go downward and not upward and the only thing I had achieved was I didn’t explode but rather controlled the explosion to just make its pace slower and not reverse it.

I was a foodie and I am one, still. Food has always been my best past time and I still don’t need anyone to accompany me when I am eating, I can eat alone. Tea was my favorite and at office I had Bun with Extra Butter Dipped in Tea (my favorite evening snack).

It was such a time that I started fading and I never looked good in any clothing. My body is such that fatness makes me look older. I had to reverse the process but some things are still uncontrollable. I mean….Exercise?…A Diet Program?…No, I can’t do it!

I spoke to my friends and many of my office colleagues about this and a few of them advised me to skip tea  and reduce table sugar intake. Now this was extremely difficult but not impossible.

Skipping Tea. Super Duper Caffeine and Table Sugar Craving and the most difficult part, not having it while craving when your colleague is having it in front of you. 2 Table Spoon Sugar mixed in the Latte but you can’t have it. After 3 days, I asked my self a question. Wasn’t I supposed to crave for coffee?

Junk Food…Skipped! Jalebis…Skipped! Sweets….Skipped! Soft Drinks…Skipped! Starch Intake….Sorry, I need to survive, hence can’t Skip!

7 Days later I checked my self on the weighing scale, it was 100. “6 kg loss…Wow”, was my reaction on seeing the figure. I re-checked on another scale to verify and it really was 100. So I was just adding sugar to maintain my weight all the time. Sugar Intake Should be Controlled. So Let’s Skip Sugar to Reduce Weight.

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LG Q6: A Value for Money Smart Phone on Amazon

Right Phone for the Right Price

I bought this phone for my father and its really great. Awesome phone for the price. Do see the Youtube Review and you can choose to buy the phone on the link mentioned below.

Click here to Buy LG Q6

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Visiting Agra? Expect it Lower than Budgeted.

An Unforgettable and Awesome Destination!

I am writhing this post late. I have my own reasons, which is forgetfulness to write down my travel diaries because I am writing something different for myself or on this blog.

Since I am an Airline Professional I got rock bottom cheap airfare travel from Mumbai to Delhi and then I traveled Agra via an Ola Outstation Service Car which charged us just about INR 3000/- for a very long 4 hours journey. The city of Agra is amazing. Its bustling and not quiet, unlike Goa and other tourism places. Its semi-clean, cool air soft breeze, loving people. I visited in the month of March and it was a journey which I will never forget.

If I had been in Goa the rickshaw drivers would have charged me more than INR 2000/- for a full day tour, but here it happened at an extremely low price a cost so low you will never expect. Agra was full of discoveries and an excursion worth having.

Let’s start the journey. Not detailed but as brief as possible.

We landed Delhi by 10am and we came out unplanned to reach Agra. We booked a train but the train was delayed, so we cancelled it and then we finally decided to take a shuttle to Agra. We didn’t know Ola will be so cheap. INR 3000/- straight for a 4 hour Journey to travel 250 km approximately. We had left for Agra from the Ola Car at 0245 pm.

We reached Agra around 7 pm and it was quite dark. We had booked a bungalow as we were around 8 people as hotel room may have turned to be a costly affair.

Next day we started of with our day after breakfast at around 9am and the start was with the aim of bargaining for a full day rickshaw. Just at INR 250/- per Rickshaw we got the Rickshaws till 8pm which covered the Agra Fort and the Market place. The Rickshaw Drivers usually inform you not to buy anything from the tourist spots and they say that the local guy fool people on quality and price, which is not true. The local shops are always better than the big and pricey shops where the rickshaw drivers take you. The Agra fort was half day  excursion and were there since afternoon till the closing time. The Agra Fort has a very long history as it was the Capital of the Mughal Sultanate once and the political history is rooted to the Agra Fort. I am don’t like giving in-depth details of places so just click the link of Lonely Planet and you will see how amazing this place is and other historical know-how. Let me give you some tips;

  • Take a Guide you may get it cheap but it depends on your bargaining capability. One guide offered to give his service for as low as INR 150/-.
  • Don’t go for the Government Recorded Guide it’s not worth it.
  • Hire a Photographer, he may charge around INR 25/-to 50/- per snap which gets printed and additional for a digital CD. The charge depends on the bargain. They us a D-SLR so it’s not that expensive.

These are my clicks in the Agra Fort. This is my personal Canon Powershot Camera ant not the ones clicked by the photographer. The below images are my copyright so you will need at add the page link if you want to use these (in on explicit content).cam

After our excursion to the Agra Fort we went to Agra Market where we found footwear and handicraft shops. But apart from all this the rush of tourists were at the Chat Gali, a place wear you can have chat of all varieties and mouthwatering kababs, a must have for all. The tasts is unique and I would say it was way better than Chandni Chowk in Delhi.

Tip: Don’t buy anything here. No handicrafts and no shoes. You can buy handicrafts at a good bargain and with good quality at shops near the Taj Mahal.

The Day After we left for the Taj Mahal and we got the same bargain of INR 250/- per Rickshaw. I never thought that the Taj would be so damn awesome. The finest architecture on the planet. It seemed so pleasant there. Note; its not a palace as it’s a tomb. I don’t want to give you detailed information as a better version is always available on Lonely Planet.

Let’s look at the tips;

Buy Handicrafts here. Bargain Hard. You can try reducing prices by 80%.

Do see the museum next to the Taj.

Don’t Forget to Hire a Photographer. This is a Must as you are visiting the Taj, a Wonder of the World. They will charge INR 25/- to 50/- per printed snap and rest clicked photographs in a INR 100/- to 200/- compact disk. They know the poses and the best locations. Don’t save money here. The value here is not the money but the Taj and your perfect snap.

After this we went to buy some Petha’s. Petha’s are a specialty of Agra. Do have them. There is are variety of flavors.

Agra was an awesome experience and I will visit this amazing place once again. Our agenda was just visiting these two important places so we skipped the rest.

After Agra we travelled buy a shuttle to Delhi at INR 250/- per person. Do read my awesome experience of the Amazing Delhi.

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